Grim Dawn: Update v1.1.9.6 Brings Massive Item Changes

Update v1.1.9.6
Update v1.1.9.6 Twitter/@GrimDawn

The action RPG Grim Dawn has a new update and it is pretty good. Update v1.1.9.6 brings massive item changes, particularly to ranged weapons and some monster infrequents, among others.

Ranged weapons in Grim Dawn have been redesigned to now have the projectile passthrough modifier. Projectile passthrough was a hidden modifier back then and was only available in select weapons. After some experiments, the developers found that shifting the modifier to weapon pool skills (WPS) proved to be successful. And thus, they’ve decided to shift all passthrough to WPS skills instead of it being a hidden modifier. What does this mean? It means that more ranged weapons now have access to this powerful mechanic, opening up new viable build options.

Aside from that, Update v1.1.9.6 brings some adjustments to monster infrequents and faction equipment. For instance, monster infrequent rings and shoulder and torso armors now have bonuses to three skills. The other highlights can be found below:

  • All Faction Helms, Shoulders, and Torso armor that previously had 2 skill bonuses now have 3. Note that some items may feature less skill bonuses if you do not own both expansions
  • Bloodsurge: added 4% Cast Speed
  • Bloodrender: replaced bonus to Oleron’s Rage with +2 to Reaping Strike and increased Vitality damage modifier for Whirling Death to 160
  • Ascendant Conduit: increased bonuses to Vindictive Flame and Olexra’s Flash Freeze to +3 and added modifiers for Maiven’s Sphere of Protection
  • Balegor’s Crusher: increased Poison damage modifier for Ring of Steel to 300 / 5s and added 100% Poison damage modifier for Blood of Dreeg
  • Basilisk Fang: increased % Attack Damage Converted to Health modifier for Dreeg’s Evil Eye to 5% and its % Retaliation added to Attack modifier to 12%
  • Colossal Bulwark: base damage is now Aether, as intended. Increased Aether damage modifier for Spectral Binding to 34 and reduced its % Aether damage modifier to 80%
  • Ugdenbog Sparkthrower: increased Cooldown Reduction modifier for Primal Strike to -1.2 seconds and increased Lightning damage modifier for Storm Box of Elgoloth to 110
  • Amnesty Set: increased % Armor bonus to 16%
  • Mythical Corruptor’s Mantle: reduced bonus to Soul Harvest to +2
  • Mythical Dawnguard Plate: increased Health to 820
  • Mythical Eyes of the Reaper: added +2 to Devouring Blades
  • Mythical Will of Fate: removed Projectile Passthrough, damage adjusted accordingly. Increased Offensive Ability to 122 and added +4 bonus to Bursting Round. Added 100% Projectile Passthrough modifier for Bursting Round

The full patch notes can be found here.

Grim Dawn Update v1.1.9.6 is available on Xbox One and PC.

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