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Developer Crate Entertainment released the Xbox version of Grim Dawn earlier this month. A new update is available that introduces a UI scaling option on the said console. Update also adds various improvements across all platforms.

Aside from UI scaling on Xbox, the devs added more options in the settings menu to improve the game’s graphics and performance, including anti-aliasing, depth of field, ambient occlusion, target framerate, and unlocked framerate.

Some monster infrequents - rare-quality equipment dropped by specific monsters - have been adjusted. For instance, the Bonespike has its duration modifier removed for Ravenous Earth. So, the item no longer increases the duration of the skill.

Another notable change is the Ultos’ Tempest Legendary set has its 33 lightning damage to Savagery removed. If you’re using a lightning build, you may want to shift to Primal Strike. Lightning damage bonuses for that skill remain supported by the legendary set.

Update Highlights

  • Language can now be changed via the options menu
  • Added some shortcut buttons on the main menu (create character, dialogs, etc)
  • Fixed a bug where characters with long names could be prevented from saving quest states
  • Fixed an issue with some game data being out of sync with the PC version, which resulted in some item/skill stats being out of date
  • Fixed a bug preventing pet stances from being changed
  • The Conduit of Whispers necklaces have each received two additional craftable options, opening up new build possibilities. The crafting cost of these necklaces has been reduced accordingly to compensate for the increased RNG
  • Deathchill: added 400 Health
  • Deathstalker: reduced % Physical Resist on the pet’s skill to -8%
  • Zeal: increased Physical damage to 12-18 and % Offensive Ability to 4%
  • Bargoll’s Root: reduced % Weapon damage modifier for Shattering Smash to 40%
  • Bloodlord’s Vengeance: increased Fire damage modifier for Ascension to 36
  • Viper Sandspitter: replaced % Crit damage modifier for Righteous Fervor with -8% Damage Modified modifier for it
  • Cauldron of Excitement: added 20% Chaos Resist. Increased damage on the granted skill and added % Retaliation added to Attack to it
  • Corruptor of Souls Set: reduced Vitality damage bonus for pets to 10
  • Corruptor of Spirits Set: removed Vitality damage bonus for pets
  • Daega’s Raiment: added 40 Offensive Ability
  • Mythical Dreadchill Grasp: reverted % Attack Speed to 16%
  • Mythical Bramblevine: added 55 Offensive Ability
  • Mythical Doombringer: reduced % Weapon damage modifier for Smite to 50%
  • Mythical Havoc: added 24 Physical damage modifier for Word of Renewal
  • Dread Sigils of Alkamos Set: increased % Damage Reduction on the skill proc
  • Goredrinker’s Mask: removed Pierce damage modifier for Word of Pain
  • Runebinder’s Spellthrower: added 45% of Physical dealt as Elemental
  • Mythical Ultos’ Hood: reduced % Crit damage modifier for Savagery to 20%
  • Virtue’s Gaze: increased Fire damage to 16-25

Grim Dawn Update is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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