GRID Legends: New Enduring Spirit DLC Now Available

Do you have what it takes?
Do you have what it takes? EA

The Enduring Spirit DLC for GRID Legends introduces a new multi-class endurance racing game mode. This game mode offers players a new game dynamic where they compete in a long distance race format and put their skills and endurance to the test. It features the iconic Fuji Speedway circuit with players being able to race four new cars.

The new game mode has players race as the “Driven to Glory” story mode character and prodigy driver Lara Carvalho, alongside Yume Tanaka at the inaugural Seneca GRID of Legends tournament. The narrative develops across eight themed story experiences and story events. The key to victory is to endure the heat while finding balance and harmony.

This mode also ups the excitement by allowing players to race for longer and up to five classes at the same time. The four new vehicles joining the roster include:

  • Bentley Speed 8.
  • Bentley Continental GT3.
  • BMW V12 LMR.
  • Autozam AZ-1 Mazdaspeed Kei.

There are also three new sponsored Career Events plus a bunch of icons, liveries, and banners for in-game use from this DLC.

In a statement, Codemasters Senior Games Designer Paul Lovell shared that endurance racing is considered as one of the most challenging and unpredictable in motorsport formats. In addition, he added, it needs the driver to be one with the car. He went on to say that they’re excited to offer this in the new DLC and the legendary Fuji Speedway circuit. Lovell revealed that they are confident everyone will enjoy competing with friends and getting the win in the foothills of Mount Fuji.

The Enduring Spirit pack is now available for purchase. Those who have the Deluxe Edition immediately get access to this content pack.

Halloween Event

There’s a special Halloween event free for all players from October 25 to November 6. This one is set in London, which has been surrounded by green fog and immersed in that eerie atmosphere.

Players able to carry out the proposed five lap race using the Cobra Cup vehicle class gets rewarded with five Halloween-inspired vehicle patterns.

GRID Legends is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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