GrandChase: December 1 Update Features a New Character; Rainbow 7 Event Begins

Grand Chase December 1 Update
Grand Chase December 1 Update Steam

The latest update for GrandChase is here. It introduces Mari into the game - a girl who can mesh both magic and technology together to fight her enemies. The Rainbow 7 Event also begins after you’ve applied the update.

New Character

Mari Ming Ornette, the last known survivor of the ancient Kingdom of Kounat, is the latest character to join GrandChase.

This naturally curious person can utilize her technological creations to deal magic damage onto her foes. Her special abilities include the Rocket Jump, Mana Shield, and Machinery Crates. You can reach extremely high places with her Rocket Jump and you can create a protective Mana Shield on yourself to consume mana instead of HP when you take damage.

You can unlock her by completing her worn-out mission or you can spend some cash to acquire her just by collecting one gem.


When you log in after updating the game, you will receive one free character slot.

Anyway, the Rainbow 7 event begins today until December 21. You can expect different bonuses for each day of the week. Keep in mind that all Hero Dungeons and Event Dungeons are excluded. Here is the rundown:

  • Monday: +15% item drop rate from dungeons
  • Tuesday: +15% GP from all modes
  • Wednesday: +20% EXP from playing dungeons
  • Thursday: +30% GP from all modes
  • Friday: +30% Item drop rate from dungeons
  • Saturday: +20% chance for equipment reinforcement
  • Sunday: +20% chance for necklace reinforcement

There is the Rainbow login event as well. This runs from December 1 (after maintenance) up to December 22 (before maintenance). When you stay logged in for 30 minutes every day, you will receive certain rewards. Here is the list:

  • Day 1: Premium GC Club (1 Day)
  • Day 2: Champion Mode Ticket x3
  • Day 3: Large Potion Package 1
  • Day 4: Natal Ring (10 times)
  • Day 5: Lisnar's HP Potion x5
  • Day 6: Lisnar's MP Potion x5
  • Day 7: Seal Breaker Scroll x5
  • Day 8: Premium GC Club (1 Day)
  • Day 9: Champion Mode Ticket x3
  • Day 10: Large Potion Package 1
  • Day 11: Natal Ring (10 times)
  • Day 12: Lisnar's HP Potion x5
  • Day 13: Lisnar's MP Potion x5
  • Day 14: Seal Breaker Scroll x5
  • Day 15: Seal Breaker Scroll x10

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved EXP earned from hunting monsters and guild contribution to fit a level range
    • Guild contribution will be rewarded based on the difference between player character level and the dungeon's appropriate level range
    • Dungeons with monsters that have 20 levels or higher compared to player character's level will not give EXP
    • PVP no longer gives guild contribution
  • Fixed the occasional issue where dungeons would not load and make it impossible to progress
  • Fixed the bug where the mission title from the previous character would remain in the mission window after changing characters
  • Fixed the occasional bug where the weapon equipped for weapon change did not function properly
  • Fixed the occasional bug where parts of the player character would become transparent

You can read the full patch notes here.

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