GrandChase Classic: More Issues Fixed in Latest Emergency Maintenance

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It seems GrandChase Classic was released with so many bugs as KOG Studios did another emergency maintenance implementing more bug fixes and improvements.

The latest patch has fixed some game-breaking bugs. For instance, it has fixed the problem where players are unable to enter the guild lobby. It has also fixed an issue where some equipped items would suddenly be removed.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed the bug where the registered quest did not proceed after purchase
  • Changed the accessory reinforcement so that it can be reinforced after it is unequipped
  • Fixed the bug where a monster or a character would incorrectly appear black
  • Fixed the bug where if you were accepted into a guild in a dungeon and clicked ok, you would see the black alpha layer that wouldn't disappear.
  • Fixed the issue where you dealt incorrect damage when you were equipped with the Shoes reinforcement option, "(Fatal) Increase movement speed."
  • Guild potion unlimited purchase bug-related:
    • Maximum purchase number of potions will be mailed to users' account
    • If it exceeds the maximum purchase limit, it will be paid in GP to the character
    • However, if the amount exceeds the possessed GP, it will not be paid as a penalty for taking unfair advantage by abusing the bug.

Players Demand Better Communication

It appears that the developers are not good at communicating with players. A post created by Redditor @ArissDark urges the devs to say something, especially when the game suddenly goes down. This is echoed by another user who said that every day is a surprise update.

Redditor @drunk-of-water said that the developers have "horrible communication with their clients" and it is not acceptable.

In a related post, Redditor @ArashiNoShad0w said that KOG Studios likely doesn’t have a community manager because they are pretty vague when it comes to updates. They went on to say that the devs should do a better job by just saying something.

Redditor @hime9821 has an idea on why KOG is not saying more than it should and that is because KOG KR is handling the game’s server and not KOG NA.

While it is admirable that the developers are fixing major issues, it is also important to not leave the players in the dark. Hopefully, the devs will improve their communication in the future.

GrandChase Classic is available on PC via Steam.

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