GrandChase Classic: New Character Zero Joins the Fight

New Character: Zero
New Character: Zero Steam

Zero Zephyrum is the newest character to join the fight in GrandChase Classic. So, if you want to use him, download the latest update immediately. Aside from that, a new event is now underway. Read further to learn more.

New Character

Zero is a sword-wielder who uses three different stances. The default is the Sword Stance. Switching to it will activate a Super Armor effect, preventing Zero from flinching when hit.

His Defensive Stance allows him to use his trusty sword, Grandark, to guard himself against incoming attacks. While not the best for attacking enemies, it is definitely useful when he is getting harassed by them.

The Offensive Stance is what you want to use if you want Zero to quickly dispatch foes. This is available once you’ve unlocked his Seeker job class.

New Event

The Dice Dice Baby! event is now available. It runs from January 12 to January 26 just right before maintenance. You can get the Dice Dice Baby! Game Board in the mailbox immediately after you’ve downloaded the latest update.

Anyway, you need a Dice Dice Baby! Coin to play. You can get one upon logging in and you receive an additional coin every 15 minutes. Take note that you can only carry up to six coins per day, so it is best that you use them immediately.

The premise is simple. You start the game by rolling the dice and you will move forward based on the total number indicated. You can earn any of the “Space Rewards” if you land on certain spots on the board. If you happen to stop in an “empty” space, you get nothing.

You complete a lap after you’ve passed through all of the spaces. You will also gain a reward based on the number of laps you’ve completed. You can get “Lap rewards” for the first 17 laps. On the 17th lap, you’ll receive a permanent Valkyrie Guardian Wings accessory. Upon acquiring this, you will only receive Space Rewards from that point onward.

The Space Rewards are:

  • Lisnar's HP Potion
  • Lisnar's MP Potion
  • Natal Ring
  • Champion Mode Ticket
  • Event Dungeon Festival Ticket
  • Medium Potion Package

The Lap Rewards are:

  • Lisnar's HP Potion
  • Lisnar's MP Potion
  • Hero Dungeon Ticket
  • Large Potion Package
  • +5 Bag
  • +10 Bag
  • +30 Bag
  • Valkyrie Guardian Wings Accessory (17th)

The latest update has some bug fixes and improvements as well. You can read all about them on the game’s official Steam page.

GrandChase Classic is available on PC.

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