GrandChase Classic: Latest Update Features the Bounty Hunter Rufus Wilde

Rufus Wilde, the Bounty Hunter
Rufus Wilde, the Bounty Hunter Steam

A new update for GrandChase Classic is now available, and it features a new character: Rufus Wilde, the Bounty Hunter. Read further to learn more.

New Character

Rufus Wilde is a bounty hunter who wields his trusty dual pistol, the Earteeth. He is best known for his mid-range prowess and pretty flashy and damaging moves. His Make it Rain ability, for example, is where he shoots upward, and thousands of bullets rain down onto an area around him, dealing massive damage.

Final Shot is one of his Level 4 special abilities. When used, Rufus charges his pistols and shoots a piercing bullet that leaves a trail of fire explosions behind.

If you are interested in acquiring him, he can be unlocked by purchasing the Worn-out Rufus Mission and completing the necessary mission objectives. Alternatively, you can get him directly using real money.


  • Fixed a bug where Zero's damage would change based on the direction of the attack in certain situations
  • Fixed a bug where Mari's damage motion would display but wouldn't do any damage in certain situations
  • Fixed a bug where the combo would double when using Jin [Fighter]: End of Days
  • Fixed a bug where Ryan's Charged Blow sound would overlap or have no sound
  • Fixed a bug where using Lass' Shadows of the Past 2 times in a row would only spawn Kaze'aze 1 time
  • Fixed a bug where Dio's Onrush Level 2 AP consumption in dungeons would be lower than intended
  • Fixed a bug where Dio's Combo Attack Level 1 skill tooltip would display that it can be acquired after 2nd job when Dio didn’t a get job advancement
  • Fixed a bug where items that cannot be crafted by Ley would be in the crafting list
  • Fixed a bug where being attacked by a monster would not decrease your rank in dungeons
  • Fixed a bug where [Geas]: Repair would restore more MP than intended
  • Fixed a bug where moving to other floors during Sentry Keeper No. 1's laser attack in Dwarves' Supply Route would cause its attack area to be different from the displayed attack effect
  • Fixed a bug where Temple of Destruction Perseo's ground stomp attack area would be different from the displayed attack effect
  • Fixed a bug where the set effect would be displayed when equipping equipment that was changed to a Coordi item
  • Fixed a bug where a wrong pop-up window would show up when selling items imbued with enhancement stone
  • Fixed a bug where wearing Annie and Momo (Marionette) Coordi Seal Breaker Top piece would make the character's legs look bent
  • Fixed a bug where equipping certain kinds of Natal Ring would not display Natal Ring effects
  • Fixed a bug where acquiring a certain item when it's registered in the quick slot would display the wrong amount of items

GrandChase Classic February 16 update is available on PC.

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