Granblue Fantasy: Versus Brings Anre to the Fight

Look who's joining the battle.
Look who's joining the battle. XSEED Games

Granblue Fantasy: Versus has officially welcomed Anre to the fight. Anre is the fourth character to arrive in the game with the Character Pass 2. He joins the game through update Ver. 2.31 which also comes with a lobby avatar, character icon, and even extra RPG mode quests.

The Mustachioed Spearman

So who is Anre? Not only is he one of the Eternals but also the only sage. Despite not really into fighting, his skill with the spear remains unmatched. His abilities include the long-range attack Rakshasa and close-range attack Spiral Spear. The latter, in particular, is rather deadly with its multiple follow-ups. There’s also the Mantra Wheel, a rushdown attack that closes the gap when he’s in mid-range.

It’s not all offense since he also has defensive capabilities like Fleeting Spark, which is a counterattack that allows him to shift from offensive to defensive stance. Another one is Arm the Bastion that has a slow startup but if Anre manages to parry the enemy’s attacks, it lets him go to the next action.

Anre’s default weapon skin is known as Yatagarasu. Playing through RPG mode enables players to get other weapon skins like:

  • Spear of Vyrnsail
  • Bamboo Spear
  • True Conviction Flashspear
  • Spear of Bahamut Nova
  • Galilei’s Insight
  • Selfless-Rift Spear

With Anre’s arrival comes new quest episodes. These two quests need Anre to be available as a playable character for players to start them:

  • Eternal Rendezvous
    • Location: Albion Citadel
    • Unlock Requirement: Clear Episode 45: “Captains’ Will” (Normal)
  • A Measure of Resolve
    • Location: Albion Citadel
    • Unlock Requirement: Clear Eternal Rendezvous

There’s also a third quest episode available called "The Sage’s Judgment (Hard)." Located as well in the Albion Citadel, players must unlock Albion Citadel (Hard) first to perform this quest.

Some New Things

There are a lot of new things that arrived along with update Ver. 2.31. New weapons introduced include:

  • Galilei’s Insight (SSR/Water)
  • Selfless-Rift Spear (SSR/Water)
  • True Conviction Flashspear (SSR/Wind)
  • Spear of Bahamut Nova (SSR/Dark)
  • Bamboo Spear (SR/Earth)
  • Spear of Vyrnsail (R/Dark)

You can view the complete patch notes here.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus is available at $59.99 for both PC and PS4. As mentioned, Anre is part of the Character Pass 2 DLC bundle, which is offered at $34.99. Players can buy Anre separately for $6.99.

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