Going Medieval: Update 8 Introduces Bears and Polecats

New Animals: Polecat and Bear
New Animals: Polecat and Bear Steam

Two new tameable animals have been added to the colony sim Going Medieval in the newly released Update 8.

These animals are Polecats and Bears. The polecat is essentially a wild version of the cat in Going Medieval. It can spawn on any map type, but you will have to tame it first before you can reap the benefits. Once tamed, the polecat is great at controlling pests. Polecats act similarly to foxes in that they sleep during the day and are also programmed to hunt chickens, rabbits, and pheasants.

Bears are tameable as well. However, domesticating them takes a much longer time. While polecats are great at controlling vermin, bears can be utilized for larger tasks like hauling and battle. Additionally, their hides can be used for making banners and clothing for your settlers.

Update 8 also brought some quality-of-life improvements. For instance, the capacity of some pile stacks related to Raw Food has been doubled, from 25 to 50.

Patch Notes

  • All conversations between settlers will be logged. One settler will discuss something with the other, and that one will respond accordingly.
  • All combat hits, moves misses, and evades are logged. Different weapon types have different wording, as well as animal attack types.
  • Health changes, birthdays, and animals turning into domestic/pets are also added to the log.
  • Certain effectors (when characters eat a good meal, drink good ale, etc.) are also shown here.
  • Logs are inherited by the carcass of a settler/enemy/animal. After that trophies and graves also inherit this log so players can read what happened to that settler/enemy/animal after their death. Graves will show enemy types if you choose to bury them.
  • Settlers and enemies will say their final words before they die.
  • Upon finishing harvesting of animals, settlers will take gathered resources (milk and wool) and carry them to the stockpile.
  • We have added a minimal skill level to train and tame certain animals (bears, wolves, foxes, and boars have this now).
  • Taming and training process of certain animals has been rebalanced.
  • We have also added feedback to the player when trying to train or tame an animal and not having the required min skill level.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented some players from placing construction on locations where they could be placed.
  • Fixed the issue that caused room detection to not work as intended in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented animals from returning to the caravan from harvesting, if during the return of the caravan, the game was saved & loaded.
  • Fixed the issue where the blueprint of all the graves did not match their size grid when using the “Copy” function.
  • Fixed the issue that made settlers face the wrong side when working on a research table.
  • Fixed the issue that made settlers appear as floating if they were ordered to deconstruct stairs and were in the middle of them with a “Sleep” schedule in progress.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the behavior of beams to become corrupted if you place them in between Doors or Windows.
  • Fixed the issue where settlers would sow crops in a location where they shouldn’t due to the “Temperature conditions do not meet” factor.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented constructions from placement with the first click, if players were using the “Relocate” or “Install” feature.

Going Medieval Update 8 is available on PC.

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