Going Medieval: New Feature Lets Players Select and Edit Multiple Structures at Once

Update 9 Foxy Voxel

When playing colony sim games like Going Medieval, it is quite frustrating to have to select structures and items one by one just to edit them. Well, developer Foxy Voxel thinks so too, which is why the company released Update 9 to rectify this.

A new feature was introduced in Update 9 that lets you select and edit multiple storage and fuel structures in Going Medieval at once. On top of that, you can select a bunch of structures and give them the same name just by editing the appropriate field. This feature helps save you a ton of time by removing the need to click on structures individually.

There are other notable quality-of-life changes as well. The trough is now a refillable structure that automatically gets refilled by settlers when its food reserves go below 40%. Alternatively, you can refill the structure yourself just by right-clicking on it.

In addition, piles will now instantly teleport to free spaces nearby whenever your settlers start constructing/farming on occupied voxels. This is a godsend because you had to manually relocate the pile yourself back in the day.

You can read the other noteworthy improvements in Going Medieval below:

  • Multiple brazier selection will now show the thermal intensity of the last selected brazier (same as in refuel priority).
  • 99% of sounds have been overhauled. Footsteps, animal sounds, and every production will emit sound from time to time. This also applies to UI, environment, and a lot of other things. Listen!
  • All items, except the ones acquired from enemies and trade, have "Made by" info.
  • Text will pop up if a settler changes status with a different settler, along with the reason why it occurred (eg. When they become rivals, it might say that the reason was an unpleasant conversation). The same principle is applied to the change of religious alignment.
  • More text events are added for changing friendships and religious alignment. Here are some actions that might trigger them: Playing backgammon at the same table, eating at the same table, sleeping in the same room, eating/consuming/using a thing someone else made, seeing someone butcher/cook/eat human meat, seeing someone fail at construction/harvest/cutting/mining, seeing someone's piece of art on the wall, seeing a drunken settle.
  • If the following things happen there is a chance that the settler will get a reaction that will change or modify their religious alignment: Losing a friend during a natural event (hailstorm, thunderstorm, blight, heatwave, cold snap), If a settler is drunk, if a raid is won/lost, if a settler makes a flimsy item, if a settler makes a flawless item.
  • The decay of certain items has been slowed down. Ice melting and carcass decomposition are slower now.
  • Carcasses of wild animals are forbidden by default now if those animals die of old age.
  • If a forbidden carcass turns into bones, that bone pile will be forbidden by default.
  • More information has been added to the decomposing/rot and fermenting UI. Those are represented by colored icons and explained a bit more when hovering over them.

So, what can you say about the quality-of-life improvements in Going Medieval Update 9?

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