Going Medieval: Social Interactions Among Settlers Now Possible in Update 8

Update 8
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The colony sim Going Medieval has become even more dynamic in Update 8, thanks to the introduction of social interactions and the Affection System.

New Features

Settlers in Going Medieval will now interact with each other if they’re in close proximity. All interactions are instant with no special animations, so players do not have to worry about settlers not being able to finish their tasks. Players will know if settlers are interacting with each other by looking at the speech bubbles appearing over their heads.

A conversation among settlers may happen once every few hours. However, there are certain perks like Contemplative that can influence the number of conversations taking place. Every time settlers engage in a conversation, they get three experience points in speechcraft. The outcome of conversations depends on several factors, including the speechcraft skill, age difference, religious alignment, affection amount, attributes, and randomness.

How about the Affection System? Well, any interaction between settlers can change how fondly one feels about another. For example, if two people fight in battles together, this will result in positive affection. Conversely, if one was to have an unpleasant conversation with another, this can lead to negative affection.

If the affection is high enough (+80), the settlers will become friends. On the other hand, if that value goes under negative 80, they become rivals. As of now, this mechanic has no impact on gameplay. But if a friend or rival dies or is banished, the affected person will get some mood modifiers depending on the circumstance.

Patch Notes

  • Social interactions can’t occur if one of the settlers is drafted or is sleeping.
  • Interactions can have several different results. They are essentially positive and negative small talk.
  • The amount of positive/negative value is determined by settlers' attributes and affected by some perks (such as “Ill Favored,” “Ruthless,” “Disfigured,” etc.)
  • Positive interaction will be buffed if settlers wear quality clothing, are drunk, or have perks for specific situations. For example: Night Owl will tend to have positive interactions at night, and Sun Seeker will have it while the sun is shining.
  • Some settlers (like ones with the “Punch drunk” perk) will have a high chance to have negative conversations with settlers, when drunk.
  • Dreams can now influence the chance of positive/negative interactions for settlers.
  • Rebellious settlers will insult more often.
  • Rebellious settlers have longer pauses between conversations
  • Conversation chance increases when settlers sit down/eat/play backgammon.
  • Sitting down to play backgammon together will increase the chance of a conversation happening and will also increase the chance of positive social interaction.
  • We added a tail system where tails move a bit differently now (can be seen when an animal moves and you pause the game) tails now bend a bit when the animal turns, making them a bit more fluid.
  • The spine system has been added to animals as well. When the animal turns, the spine will bend in that direction a bit. This is very subtle but makes their movement a bit less stiff. Most noticeable in donkeys and cattle.

So, what can you say about social interactions in Going Medieval Update 8?

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