God of War Ragnarok Getting New Game Plus Mode in Spring 2023

  • Playstation 4
  • Action-Adventure
Some good news.
Some good news. Playstation

Yes, that is right – Sony’s critically acclaimed title God of War Ragnarok is getting a new mode next year. And, boy, it is a huge one!

The action-adventure game will be getting a New Game Plus mode in 2023. Ever since the game’s release in November, tons of players have already obtained Platinum trophies and equipped high-level items; hence, they have been clamoring for more. Well, looks like Santa Monica heard them as developers are set to release the said game mode next year. The announcement was made on the studio’s official Twitter page.

“We know many of you have been asking, so we’re happy to confirm that New Game Plus will be coming to #GodofWarRagnarok in Spring 2023,” the tweet says.

Although the details are still scarce, developers promised to release more information about the mode as the release date nears.

For those who do not know, New Game Plus is a feature common in many games. It essentially allows players to start again from the very beginning and carry with them a lot of stuff, such as equipment, levels, and abilities, just to name a few. In most cases, the difficulty level is raised a bit, or a new exclusive boss fight is unlocked. There is also a possibility of taking on new quests or getting a different ending. It really differs from one game to another.

Right now, it is unclear what the New Game Plus mode means for God of War Ragnarok, except for the fact that players would be able to further their gameplay experience and carry over stuff. It would be interesting, however, to see new content or incentive added to the game. Players and fans alike will know for sure once spring 2023 arrives.

In the past few years, Sony has been known for adding a New Game Plus feature to its big-budget releases. It would be launched via a patch and added just a few months after the initial release of a title. Now, that is exactly the route the studio is going for God of War Ragnarok.

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