God Of War 5: What We Know So Far

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Could God of War 5 introduce the Ragnarok narrative?
Could God of War 5 introduce the Ragnarok narrative? God of War Official Website

The God of War franchise is without a doubt a massive success. Given how successful the franchise is – particularly the fourth installment – it is not really surprising to see Sony announcing a fifth title.

In case you did not know, the latest title, 2018's God of War, is based on Norse mythology. Its predecessors, on the other hand, were all about Greek mythology. But perhaps the biggest change in the fourth installment is the main character himself. Not only does he look older and tougher, but he is also wiser in the sense that he has a better grasp of the things surrounding him. And, oh, let’s not forget the fact that he has a son here.

Of course, the initial Kratos from the first three video game titles is not necessarily a terrible individual. He simply was packed with some serious character flaws, a common narrative in the heroes of Greek mythology. And while he is not a perfect character in the latest God of War, he has certainly shown some major development.

This is where God of War 5 becomes more interesting. The franchise is known for its ability to show character development, albeit using the same general level of storytelling. Nonetheless, the latter did not really become a huge issue. The positive response the fourth installment got from fans and critics alike is proof of that.

For starters, it is possible the franchise might spin its source material in God of War 5. Although many are hoping to see Kratos return to Norse mythology (probably with a fight between him and Thor), God of War broke prophecies of said mythology. In other words, it is possible for the fifth installment to venture out to a new mythology.

Still, what 2018's God of War introduced is something that fans can use to get a good idea of the general direction of where the franchise is likely to move forward. For instance, fans learned that Atreus was simply a name Kratos gave to his son. This is actually interesting since the boy’s mother gave him another name, which turns out to be Loki.

God of War shows Kratos and Atreus killing Baldur. This could be a foreshadowing, one that points to the direction of Ragnarok. The latter is definitely an interesting element to add in God of War 5. It is, after all, the battle at the end of everything between the gods of Norse mythology and their enemies. It is also the kind of battle that will destroy the old world and form a new one.

The Ragnarok narrative is a likely potential direction, especially after a teaser featured Kratos and Atreus in a boat that bore runes reading, “Ragnarok is coming.” Of course, people should take this one with a grain of salt.

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