Gloria Victis Beta v. Halloween Event Now Live

Gloria Victis Beta v.
Gloria Victis Beta v. Steam

The Halloween event recently made its way into the world of Gloria Victis. The world is currently covered with spooky decorations, events, and much more. Additionally, developers introduced new cosmetic skins for a lance. The Royal Horseman cosmetics can be bought in the game; just head to the Supporter Shop by pressing K.

Halloween Event

The limited-time Halloween Event will run until November 10, and it has a lot of unique rewards to offer. The capital cities are spooky with darker themes going around for this event, giving that immersive Halloween feel. The catapults and trebuchets now launch special pumpkins, so get ready to shower your enemies with some scary-looking gourds. Plus, the Skeleton Horse is back for those who want to tame this unique mount.

For those who want to purchase stuff, go to the Supporter Shop and buy a special Nadir-themed shield skin and several-themed cosmetics for weapons, tools, and workstations. Don’t forget about the new spawnable stuff like the Halloween flying lantern and loads of bats.

New PvP Event

Developers also introduced a new event called the Ruined Temple, a new raid for hardcore PvP. It is a high-risk, high-reward competitive scene where nations battle each other in teams of five. To start the event, deliver the meteoric iron to an NPC in the capital and you will get a pop-up on your UI to join the battle. The event will go under a two-hour cooldown between raids.

Gloria Victis Beta v.

Improvements and fixes
  • Removed the possibility to consume some of the crafting materials, for example, Wax or Beast blood.
  • Fixed the position and placement of scaffoldings colliders on wells, guardhouses, and workshops.
  • Fixed an issue where playing Dice could catch the mouse pointer and softlock the game.
  • Fixed an edge case issue that could block showing Respawn Window if the player opened the Map while dying.
  • Fixed 58 level design, terrain, and texture bugs.

You can read more about the update here.

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