Gillette Bringing Back Gaming Alliance with New Features

See who made it to this year's roster.
See who made it to this year's roster. Gillette

It looks like Gillette is bringing back the Gaming Alliance. This is a team composed of global streamers that are expected to make content and, of course, serve as the brand’s official representatives. The comeback marks the third year of the program and Gillette seems to up the ante.

For the 2021 Gaming Alliance, the roster appears to be the largest ever. Not only that, but the members also come from different countries. One new feature that fans can look forward to is the co-streaming of Alliance together in smaller groups while sharing audiences at various times throughout the year.

As a brand, the program isn't all about games. The roster is also expected to share about their shaving routines and even personal styles. Fans can expect them as well to discuss the latest innovation coming from Gillette along with its new products. That’s not all as the Bits for Blades program is making a return this year too. In this one, fans have the chance to earn Twitch Bits by simply buying many of the brand’s products at its official website.

So who are the members of the roster? They are:

  • DrLupo (US/Canada)
    • One of the most recognizable streamers and a Gillette veteran.
    • Helped sell out Bits for Blades in 2020.
  • DeeJay Knight (US/Canada)
    • A military veteran-turned-pro gamer.
  • ​Elded (Mexico)
    • Member of the 2020 Gaming Alliance.
  • Alanzoka (Brazil)
    • Member of the 2020 Gaming Alliance.
  • CiccioGamer89 (Italy)
    • Making his second appearance on the roster.
  • Papaplatte (Germany)
    • Making his second appearance on the roster.
  • Buster (Russia)
  • Lando Norris (UK)
    • Formula 1 auto racing star gamer.
  • Locklear (France)
  • theGrefg (Spain)
  • Japan – (to be announced at a later date)

In a statement, P&G Global Grooming CEO Gary Coombe shared that the popularity of esports and gaming continues to rise and with that, they are more than happy to have a larger roster for this year’s Gaming Alliance.

Talking about the new Alliance, DrLupo revealed that he’s happy to continue being one of Gillette’s partners. He’s excited to have more streams and events.

What do you think? Is this year’s line-up good enough?

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