Ghost Recon Breakpoint Wants You To Join The Resistance

Fight the power!
Fight the power! Ubisoft

Ghost Recon Breakpoint launched its latest free live event with Resistance. In this one, Outcast rebels are scattered across Auroa and they need help resisting Sentinel forces. The event started yesterday, July 16, and runs through July 29.

To get into the story of this live event deeper, a new wave of resistance being led by the Outcast faction has been recruiting civilians on the island. It appears that Trey Stone has gotten wind of their plans and has dedicated himself to stopping them at all costs. This has resulted in even greater destruction, especially after he ordered an attack on one of the Outcast camps.

However, the leader of the Outcasts, Haruhi Ito, has planned a counterattack in order to remind everyone that the Outcasts are still alive and there’s still hope. Players need to assist the Outcasts as they try to save prisoners, attack sentinel outposts, and even stop convoys in order to look for survivors. The players are critical when it comes to ensuring the safety of the Outcasts.

In order to help the Outcasts, players get to take part in nine faction missions and earn exclusive rewards. For the entire live event period, there’s going to be a total of 15 new exclusive items. These include, among others, weapons, gear, attachments, and customization items. The 15th and final reward is none other than the Strike Designator. This one can be equipped and is usable once all available live event missions are completed.

When players clear missions, it’s going to fill their Resistance Strength gauge. This also increases the Rebel presence in the world. In turn this is going to result in increasing the faction warfare from the Outcast rebels against the Sentinel forces on the island. Rewards are earned as the gauge is filled and more missions are completed. While it is possible to replay completed missions, they’re not going to fill the gauge further.

Free Weekend

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is also having a free weekend from July 16 to July 19. This should give you a chance to try out the Resistance Event. It also means that you can see for yourself how the new AI Teammates feature works. You can learn more about this new feature here and also here.

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