Get Ready for Some R&R as Cities: Skylines Launches Hotels & Retreats

Ready for a vacation? Paradox Interactive

The World Tour in Cities: Skylines is about to come to a close with the release of the Hotels & Retreats mini-expansion. This one allows players to build tourist and vacation hotspots, adding the hotel management element. Hotels & Retreats is available for $7.99, with a bundle also offered at $29.99 which has Hotels & Retreats and three other creator packs.

Colossal Order CEO Mariina Hallikainen shared that looking back on this journey, it's clear that Cities: Skylines is now more than just a game. She went on to say that this new mini-expansion is the last one for the game and celebrates its legacy by offering players new ways to express their creativity.

Here are some of the features of Hotels & Retreats:

  • Hotel Buildings
    • Hostels, cabins, hotels, and luxurious resorts.
    • Add a series of hotel buildings to the city on a range of budgets.
  • Hotel Management
    • Start with one-star hotels and unlock new options as business revenue and popularity booms.
  • Tourism Buildings
    • New structures support hotels like parks, restaurants, playgrounds, and cafès.
  • Location
    • Matching hotels with good locations is going to be paramount as differing locations attract different tourist groups.
    • Five new maps added for hotels:
      • 3 European-inspired maps
      • 1 tropical map
      • 1 temperate map

Creator Packs

Launching alongside the expansion as these content creator packs:

  • Industrial Evolution (from Community Creator Samantha "Avanya" Woods)
    • Walk the path of history with "Industrial Evolution."
    • Includes a new set of growable buildings that span different eras of industrial building styles, from red brick walls to modern, sleek industrial complexes.
    • Includes a total of 70 new buildings inspired by both historic and contemporary industrial buildings.
  • Railroads of Japan (from Content Creator Ryuichi Kaminogi)
    • Fun discoveries await with Railroads of Japan adding authentic Japanese railroad scenery to the game, including stations, trains, and buses.
    • See citizens travel using the metro, bus, and railroad.
    • Decorate commutes with networks, props, and police stations.
  • Brooklyn & Queens (from Content Creator Prosper)
    • A set of medium-rise high-density residential buildings and props inspired by the neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Queens for decorating the city's facade and rooftops.
    • Includes more than 60 growable buildings and props, such as rental signs, window air conditioners, exhaust fans, and stairways.

Cities: Skylines is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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