Get Ready for a Debate on Politics with Pro Philosopher 2: Governments & Grievances

Time to get political. Intelligible Games

For some people, politics is a topic that should be outside of video games. That's not the case for Pro Philosopher 2: Governments & Grievances as it isn't afraid to take on this polarizing topic. The game has players engage in debates against brilliant thinkers from different times in history. To win, they'll need to untangle argument puzzles, find internal contradictions, and of course, cause their opponents to freak out. It is launching on PC through Steam in 2024.

Pro Philosopher 2: Governments & Grievances is a follow-up to Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher and shifts the focus from moral philosophy to political philosophy, offering players a new story and new philosophers. Of course, there's overblown comedy and drama.

The game follows the story of Ariadne Jones. She has a big exam coming soon and she has no time for distractions like the party raging downstairs or the political debate on TV. The thing is, each time Ariadne goes to sleep, she's being pulled to a weird philosophical afterlife. There, she gets advice on life from some of the great thinkers across history.

One thing to remember about Ariadne is that she sees politics as gross and wants to avoid it at all costs. However, things take a different turn when her mother becomes stuck in that very afterlife. To bring her mother back to the real world, she needs to answer a "simple" question and that is: what is the ideal form of government?

Features of the game include:

  • Players have to debate their way out of trouble engaging with famous philosophers of all stripes. Challenge their ideas and change the world.
  • Meet more characters, more philosophers, and have more arguments about a complex topic that brings more depth and narrative ambition.
  • Enjoy a story that mixes great unanswered questions with tons of silly humor and stupid jokes. Players can choose to take on their opponents with logic or maybe tell them that their body odor is toxic.
  • Not everything in life is about politics. The game also features dialogues in between arguments that offer light choices to give each player a slightly different experience.

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