Space Trash Scavenger Coming Soon to Steam Early Access

Time to take out the trash. Paradox Interactive

Space Trash Scavenger is launching soon on Steam Early Access and those who want to have a copy can wishlist the game now. It's a survival base builder game where players need to look for resources while defending their Space Rig. This game is made possible through a partnership between Paradox Interactive and SquarePlay Games.

The game is set in the 31st century where players join Scav-X, considered as the number one waste disposal company in the galaxy. They will travel to procedurally-generated asteroid fields, space-wrecks, and abandoned outposts, collecting resources and scrap from the remains of what was once a great civilization.

The game offers players a unique and 360-degree base building experience, so they can build their Space Rig in whatever direction they want. There are also other features like factory-like automation and crop cultivation.

Of course, it wouldn't be waste management without pests. Players have to craft weapons and upgrade their spacesuit to defend their base against hordes of alien attackers. These bots patrol the debris and are usually drawn in greater numbers as the Space Rig expands.

Features of the game include:

  • Scavenge and trade
    • As an employee for the top waste disposal firm of the galaxy, the main resource is space trash.
    • Get access to broken down facilities and space wrecks.
    • Pry open maintenance panels, loot abandoned cargo, or strip components off spaceship hulls.
    • Recycle haul into raw materials or trade it at the Trash Exchange.
  • Space base building
    • Build the Space Rig, a 3D raft with artificial gravity, power, trash processing, farming, and defense.
    • Craft everyday food, fuel, weapons, ammo, and space suit upgrades needed to survive.
    • In space, there is no up or down so the base can be expanded in any direction for the most efficient layout.
    • Use the jump drive to voyage to new salvage sectors.
  • Constant alien threat
    • Alien bots patrol are drawn in ever bigger numbers as your operation expands.
    • A steady aim is needed to protect the Space Rig along with strong base defenses and upgraded armory.
  • Proc-gen, zero G world
    • Circumnavigate tiny asteroids, fly between abandoned outposts, and even board derelict spaceships as they orbit the system.
    • Jump to the next sector.
    • Each salvage zone is procedurally generated and offers a dynamic and ever-changing open world.

Want to collect space trash? Wishlist Space Trash Scavenger on Steam now.

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