Defend Earth: Xenos Survivors Coming Out of Early Access June 16

Prepare to defend Earth. Reija

It's time to prepare and save humanity with Defend Earth: Xenos Survivors officially launching on June 16. This top-down roguelike game is currently on Steam Early Access and once the full version comes out, everyone has the chance to experience the intense action it offers.

The game is set in 2058 where humanity is facing an existential threat. A massive alien force has invaded the planet and the only thing standing between survival and extinction is the elite DEFCON: Xenos unit. These super soldiers are not afraid to face overwhelming odds and will overcome them with their superior skills and equipment to turn the tides in humanity's favor.

Players can defend themselves against waves of monstrous aliens in different cities and landscapes of Earth. Combine equipment to beat stronger and smarter aliens. Just remember that the mission is simple: repel the alien invasion.

Here are some of the game's key features:

  • Auto-firing bullet hell action.
  • Dozens of playable agents to unlock with more to come.
  • Customize agents with an ever-growing arsenal of weapons, modules and ultimate abilities.
  • Fast-paced runs (under 20 minutes).
  • Improve agents by upgrading skills.
  • Fight Xenos all around the world in levels that resemble real-world locations.
  • Choose between different modes to increase the difficulty and your rewards.
  • Carve your way through hordes of aliens with your powerful arsenal.
  • Use your ultimate ability to annihilate fast numbers of Xenos.
  • Try different combinations of agents, skills, ultimate abilities and upgrades.

Early Access Roadmap

Defend Earth: Xenos Survivors entered early access back in January 2023. Based on its early access roadmap, here's what the game should get:

  • Quarter 1
    • Evolutions
    • New Agents
    • Agent Progression
    • New Ultimates
    • Achievements
    • Unlockables
  • Quarter 2
    • New Weapons
    • New Agents
    • New Ultimates
    • New Level
    • Achievements
    • Unlockables

Once the game launches on June 16, developer Reija revealed in a statement that they'll also be releasing a content update which introduces a new level and new weapon upgrades. More details on this update will be announced soon.

Reija is an indie developer team launched in 2019 with locations in Berlin and Karlsruhe. The studio's goal is to develop successful games having challenging game mechanics, appealing 3D graphics, and action-packed settings.

Get Defend Earth: Xenos Survivors on Steam.

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