Generation Zero: Skill Respec Now Possible in New Dawn Update

New Dawn Update
New Dawn Update Avalanche Studios Group

The New Dawn Update for the first-person shooter Generation Zero is now available. This update brings a pretty useful feature that allows you to reallocate your skill points and correct your existing builds. A new DLC pack can also be purchased that contains new weapons of destruction.

Skill respec has finally arrived in Generation Zero. In the New Dawn Update, you can now experiment with different character builds as you can have your skill points back if you have the right currency. To reallocate your skill points, you will need about five Uranium, a resource found in Östertörn through various activities, though it is most common in the base defense. You can get five Uranium for every five player levels up to Level 31 and five more for each level after that.

Aside from that, the Tactical Equipment Pack for Generation Zero is now available for only $5.99. This DLC contains the following items:

  • Molotov Cocktail: A classic in warfare, this improvised incendiary weapon packs an explosive punch on impact.
  • Remote-Controlled Explosive: Sticky explosive that can be detonated using a remote radio-link trigger.
  • Portable Machine Gun Turret: A small sentry turret equipped with a machine gun that once deployed, automatically fires at nearby enemies.
  • Portable Cover: This bullet-resistant but destructible cover allows you to find shelter even in the most open of places, shielding you against oncoming bullets.
  • Explosive Toy Lure: This cute toy dog attracts unsuspecting machines with loud sounds, and then explodes.
Tactical Equipment Pack
Tactical Equipment Pack Steam

Here are some of the other changes in the New Dawn Update:

  • Fixed an issue with crossplay between Windows 10 users (Game Pass included) and Xbox users having different versions of the game. These versions now match, and cross-play should now function properly. This was previously causing some users to crash when switching between platforms on the same save file
Combat, Weapons, and Equipment
  • Fixed an issue where guns were sometimes “un-reloadable” after loading a save game
  • Fixed an issue with Grenades where they would fall very slowly when you toss them against a wall
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer where Field Radios could teleport players into the air when used for the first time
  • Fixed an issue with Horde Mode where enemies would spawn inside a base perimeter
  • Fixed an issue with Horde Mode where Hunters could become passive after killing a player
User Interface
  • Fixed an issue where Inventory Sorting could not sort alphabetically inside the PLUNDRA

The full patch notes can be found on the official website.

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