Generation Zero: Base Assault Update Brings a New Game Mode and Free Buildings Pack

Base Assault Update
Base Assault Update Avalanche Studios Group

The free Base Assault update for Generation Zero is now available. This hefty update brings a new game mode, new side missions, and the free Soviet Buildings pack that allows you to set up Soviet Pillboxes and Guardhouses in your base.

New Mode

The titular Base Assault is the latest game mode in Generation Zero. Here, you’ll attack FNIX Bases situated in the Forest Region. What’s interesting about this is that the enemy bases are procedurally-generated, which means you get a different layout in each playthrough. As your threat level rises in the region, the layout, difficulty, and size of enemy bases evolve as well.

Now, if you initiate your attack, be wary of the threats that you will face, such as mines, deadly turrets, and enemy reinforcements. Once you’ve successfully conquered an FNIX base, you will be rewarded with Command Tokens - a special currency you can use to open up a new set of locations to build more bases.

In addition to the new game mode, there’s a free DLC that gives your bases some new flair. The free Soviet Buildings pack contains the following:

  • Soviet Pillbox: Sturdy shooting position manned by a hidden fighter using an AI-76 assault rifle that fires automatically at any hostile unit that comes within its field of view
  • Soviet Guardhouse: Tall shooting position made of concrete, steel, and sandbags
  • Soviet Reinforced Wall: A tall wall made of concrete and steel features a shooting hatch that can be opened manually
  • Soviet Reinforced Gate: Tall gate made of concrete and steel that can be opened manually or automatically
  • Soviet Barrier: Low barricade made of steel and sandbags

You can learn more about the DLC here.

Patch Notes

  • Map Icon Filters
  • Inventory Sorting
  • Fixed a crash associated with the epic explosion at the end of the “Good News” mission in FNIX Rising
  • Fixed a crash associated with Ticks hang out in the stairwell in Stormyra Bunker
  • Fixed an issue where downed Seekers didn’t have loot
  • Fixed an issue where Reaper Rivals on the map wouldn’t show in the world
  • Fixed an issue where starting the “Strength in Numbers” missions in multiplayer without finishing it would make it disappear in single player
  • Fixed various terrain clipping into buildings around Östertörn
  • Fixed an issue where collectibles were clipping through objects, they should now be placed correctly in a bunker

Generation Zero is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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