Generation Zero: Landfall Update Introduces New Soviet Faction Enemies and The Base Defense DLC

Landfall Update
Landfall Update Avalanche Studios Group

The Landfall update for Generation Zero is now available. This is a pretty huge update that introduces new Soviet Faction enemies, as well as new DLCs. Some improvements have also been implemented.

New Enemies

The Lynx
The Lynx Avalanche Studios Group

Two new enemies have been added. The first is the Wolf - a towering hybrid machine that can deploy smaller units on the battlefield. It has three different classes that can certainly pack a punch depending on the model you come across out there.

While not as big as the first one, the Lynx is still a worthy foe nevertheless. Its small and agile design allows it to move quickly and effectively in most terrains. If you find one on the battlefield, it is best to just eliminate it as it can outrun you when you retreat.

New DLCs

This update also includes two DLCs. The free DLC pack contains new buildings, such as the Reinforced Pylon, Scaffolding Platform, and Tall Spotlight. Not only that but Base Defense missions have new iterations as well. For instance, the waves of machines that attack your base now have more variability. Furthermore, you’ll be able to skip the preparation time if you’re ready long before the timer expires.

In addition, the Base Defense Pack is a paid DLC that can be yours for $3.99. It consists of a bunch of different structures that you can use to bolster your defenses. This includes:

  • Resistance Grenade Launcher Pillbox
  • Resistance Sandbag Shooting Position
  • Resistance Explosive Barrel
  • Resistance Spiked Traps
  • Resistance Human Decoy
Spiked Traps and Resistance Human Decoy
Spiked Traps and Resistance Human Decoy Avalanche Studios Group

Update Highlights

  • New: Weapon Wheel
  • Plundra and Recycling Bench
    • Now has 5 additional levels for each container
  • Materials you find now have descriptions to them showing where to typically find them in the world
  • Potential schematics can now be seen in location summaries as well
  • In multiplayer settings, it is now possible to define whenever other players can build and destroy buildings in your base
  • Fixed a frequent crash in a certain area of Himfjäll
  • Fixed a crash when dismantling structures with Base Building
  • Fixed a crash on dismantling structures during Base Building
  • Fixed a crash in multiplayer for the client when starting horde mission on hard difficulty
  • Fixed an issue where weapons disappeared into loot containers. Players should no longer be able to put items back into loot containers, corpses, etc.
  • Fixed a floating weapon crate in the barn at Stora Dyrbo safehouse
  • Fixed an issue with a floating house in Östervik
  • Part of the bridge near Sundgård Farm lacked collision

The list of changes can be found on Generation Zero’s official website.

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