Gears Of War 5 Release Date And Box Art May Have Leaked

Kait Diaz is featured prominently on the cover art, with JD Fenix returning as well.
The release date and cover art for Gears 5 may have been leaked online.
The release date and cover art for Gears 5 may have been leaked online. The Coalition

From the same Taiwanese rating board that supposedly leaked an upcoming remastered version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game comes another rumor, this time pertaining to a much bigger AAA title.

In the now deleted listing, what seems to be Gears of War 5’s upcoming release date plus its cover art may have been leaked by the ratings board. The official release date given there is kind of shocking – Gears of War 5 is set to be released on September 10 of this year. If the leak is correct, we can expect to hear some news from Microsoft and developer The Coalition during their presentation for E3 this year. That is, of course, if the leak is real.

The supposed leaked box art is pretty believable, for a number of reasons. The title shows that instead of Gears of War 5, The Coalition has gone ahead and renamed it to Gears 5, a decision they have made in the past with regards to branding efforts. There’s also a branding at the top left stating that Gears 5 is an Xbox One console exclusive. Now, whether that means we’ll be seeing the game on PC is uncertain, but if Microsoft’s past actions are to be followed, Gears 5 will most probably be a timed exclusive for the Xbox One, followed by a PC release on Windows.

The box art also features Kait Diaz, the new protagonist of the series, prominently in front. The Locust Queen Myrrah and Gears-favorite Marcus Fenix are featured behind her. JD Fenix and Delmont Walker are also both shown, as well as a Locust soldier and a mysterious location.

Gears 5 was originally announced back in E3 2018 during Microsoft’s keynote with an announcement trailer. It featured loads of gameplay, plus highly impressive in-engine cinematics, and promised a release date of 2019. However, little has been heard since the initial announcement, with many expecting a release earlier this year. It would make sense for a September release at this point, because of the urgency in the leak’s deletion, as well as The Coalition’s silence on Gears 5’s development.

In any case, Gears 5 is set for release sometime this year exclusively on the Xbox One and Windows PCs. Expect this rumor to be confirmed (or shot down) at this year's E3.

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