Gears 5, Dead Cells, And More Added This Month On Xbox Game Pass

Get Gears 5 and more on the Xbox Game Pass this September.
Get Gears 5 and more on the Xbox Game Pass this September. The Coalition

It's arguably the most highly anticipated month yet for the new Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as September brings with it some impressive titles, including the indie smash hit Dead Cells, and of course, the upcoming hardcore shooter Gears 5.

According to the folks over at Microsoft, the company will start announcing Xbox Game Pass titles separately for PC and console to avoid confusion about what’s going to be available on which platform. For your convenience, we’ve cataloged the games for both platforms and specified which titles are coming to which platform. This month’s Game Pass titles are as follows:

Gears 5 Ultimate Edition (PC, Xbox)

Gears of War 5 promises to be the biggest and best title yet for the franchise, featuring a massive new campaign, revamped multiplayer modes, online competitive Versus, and intense co-op PvE in Horde. Gears 5 also lets players craft maps and content for the community with the all-new Map Builder. Gears 5 is set to launch on September 10 for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, but Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can start playing the game four days early starting on September 6.

Dead Cells (PC, Xbox)

One of the most critically-acclaimed indie titles of 2018, Dead Cells is a Metroidvania-inspired 2D action platformer that puts players in the role of a failed alchemic experiment trying to make sense out of the beautiful, sprawling game world. Dead Cells has received accolades from the gaming community for its challenging combat, responsive controls, and overall visceral gameplay complete with stunning visuals.

Enter The Gungeon (PC, Xbox)

Enter The Gungeon came out back in 2016, and is widely-known for bringing the classic Bullet Hell genre to modern audiences. Combining the intense gameplay of bullet hell games with the action-adventure feel of pixel-graphic dungeon crawling, Enter The Gungeon promises hours upon hours of challenging and rewarding gameplay. Developed by Dodge Roll, and published by the same company that brought us Katana Zero, My Friend Pedro, Absolver, and more, Enter The Gungeon is a title that definitely deserves the accolades.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (Xbox Only)

The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection includes the high-definition remasters of Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3. In Metal Gear Solid 2 HD Edition, players are put in the role of Raiden as he infiltrates Big Shell to rescue the Presidents of the United States. In Metal Gear Solid 3 HD Edition, players take on the role of Snake as they experience the origin of the Metal Gear Solid series during the Cold War crisis.

Bad North: Jotuun Edition (PC Only)

Described as ‘charming, but brutal’, Bad North is a rogue-lite real-time strategy game that puts players in command of an island kingdom beset on all fronts by a Viking horde. In Bad North, players must rely on strategy and tactics as they hop from one procedurally-generated island to the next, gaining experience as a commander as they go along. Bad North: Jotuun Edition adds a range of new features, including new elements, commanders, items, and more.

Shadow Warrior 2 (PC Only)

From developer Flying Wild Hog, Shadow Warrior 2 is a unique first-person shooter that continues the story of ex-corporate badass Lo Wang. Working as a mercenary for hire, players must put their gunfighting, blade-wielding, spell-casting skills to the test against a legion of demons bent on taking over the world.

Creature In The Well (PC, Xbox)

Inspired by pinball, Creature In The Well is an atmospheric, top-down hack and slash game with a heavy focus on solving puzzles and branching paths. Although it won’t be out for another two days (official launch date is on September 7), critics who have had access to the game praise its unique visuals, rewarding gameplay, and compelling premise. Creature In The Well puts players in the role of the last BOT-C unit on an adventure to restore power to an ancient facility - all of which alludes to its pinball inspirations.

GoNNER Blüeberry Edition (PC, Xbox)

Characterized by its challenging - or as some would say, “tough as hell” - gameplay, GoNNER is a 2D rogue-lite action platformer that is more than meets the eye. GoNNER puts players in the role the engimatic and altruistic Ikk as he ventures forth on a mission to cheer up his only friend, a landbound whale named Sally. GoNNER features secret locations and events, challenging boss fights, and even multiple endings. The Blüeberry Edition is a free content release for GoNNER that adds new weapons, enemies, challenges, and visuals to the game, as well as blueberries.

What do you think about the September lineup for the Xbox Game Pass? Which games are you interested in this September on Xbox Game Pass? What games do you hope to see come to the gaming service in the future? Let us know in the comments section below!

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