Blair Witch Now Available On PC And Xbox One

Are you ready to go into the woods?
Are you ready to go into the woods? Layers of Fear

Prepare to face your fears as Blair Witch brings you back to the woods that started it all. Developed by Layers of Fear games, the game is now available for the PC through Steam. Blair Witch is also available on the Xbox One.

Inspired by none other than the Blair Witch movie franchise, both fans and players are offered the chance to experience their own descent into madness. The game is set in 1996, where a young boy has disappeared in the Black Hills Forest located near Burkittsville, Maryland. You get to play as Ellis, a former police officer that comes with his own baggage. You are joined by none other than Bullet, your trusty canine companion. The game starts simple enough as Ellis and Bullet join the search for the missing boy. However, players quickly discover that the woods have horrors inside that twist and turn into what appears to be an endless nightmare. Aside from confronting the mysterious force haunting the woods, Ellis needs to face his past and fears.

This first-person game looks into how players react to the different dangers, tolls, and stresses offered by the original story in order to reach one of the different possible endings. In addition to the psychological horror experience, the game offers an excellent display of the beautiful environment in glorious 4K. Be warned though as this gives players a sense of relief and tricks them into going even deeper into the woods.

Since its official launch, Blair Witch has introduced its first ever technical update. The update fixes many of the bugs mentioned by players. These include:

  • A rare fuse bug in a car that blocked game progress
  • Entering the car in the woods
  • Bugs referred to entering the cutscene
  • Other various situations that caused the player stuck in the game
  • Visual effects at levels
  • First optimization corrections - and that’s not the last word
  • Rare bug about entering the cabin [as there is a rock]
  • Dog performance, now it goes smoothly
  • Visual improvement of some cutscenes, especially final ones
  • Ultra wide support for 3440x1440
  • HDR support

The game is available on Steam for $29.99 A Deluxe Edition can be purchased for $34.99, which includes the Blair Witch game, Blair Witch soundtrack, and “The Art of Blair Witch.” The game can also be purchased through the Xbox Games Store for $29.99.

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