More SNES Classic Consoles Coming To GameStop

The Mini SNES can fit in your hand easily Nintendo

The Super Nintendo Classic console will release Sept. 29 and while gamers are looking to get their miniature system, GameStop has announced that stores across the country will receive additional consoles for in-store purchases.

That’s right, GameStop / ThinkGeek will receive additional consoles the day the SNES Classic releases for those who want to walk in and pick one up without a preorder.

Each store will have a limited and varied amount of consoles, which normally means the stores in larger cities will receive more units than those in smaller towns. To find a GameStop / ThinkGeek store near you, be sure to check the store locator.

Again, these additional Super NES Classic consoles will only be sold in-store so don’t bother going online.

Nintendo seems to have learned from the mistakes it made following the release of the NES Classic, promising more units of the Super NES Classic and more frequent restocks. This announcement from GameStop confirms that.

Earlier this month, Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime spoke about the SNES Classic and what the company is planning to do to combat the shortages that plagued the first console.

“I’m going to make millions of these units to flow into the marketplace,” Fils-Aimé told the Financial Times . “But what I don't know is what the demand is going to be. And there is a potential that demand is going to outstrip supply.”

Nintendo promised the supply of Mini SNES consoles should exceed the total number NES Classics shipped in all of 2016.

Regular shipments of the Super NES Classic console will also continue into 2018, though it was originally slated to end after the holiday season. The NES Classic will also return in summer 2018, so those who missed out the first time will get another chance.

Anyone who remembers the shortages after the debut of the NES Classic knows that these consoles can be hard to find, so those looking to snatch one up should get one as soon as possible.

The Super NES Classic console will release Sept. 29.

Are you excited for the Super NES Classic console? Do you have a pre-order or will you risk it and walk into a store? Let us know in the comments section below.

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