The Game of Life 2 Finally Coming to Xbox Consoles

New platform!
New platform! Marmalade Game Studio

Good news for Xbox owners! The original life simulation game from Hasbro, The Game of Life 2, is finally heading to Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, with a price tag of $23.99.

It's been a long time coming with the game already out on mobile, PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. The Game of Life 2 follows the classic and beloved board game, The Game of Life, but introduces new gameplay that refreshes the structure of the original.

Since all games from Marmalade Game Studio support cross-platform multiplayer, this means that those on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S can now join their friends on other platforms. There are different modes to enjoy as well, like Open Online Multiplayer, Private Online Multiplayer, Offline Local Multiplayer, and Offline Single Player.


In the game, each spin player has the chance to not only invest in themselves but also their future. Each decision made earns points for wealth, happiness, or knowledge. Investing in an educational course earns players knowledge, while doing the same for property increases overall wealth, and spending money on concert tickets raises happiness. Although these investments guide the course of the game, the road is not always clear.

New Feature

One feature added in the digital version is the "crossroad moment," which allows players to put off any big decisions so they can do it later. This means major events like going to college, getting married, or buying a property can be decided early or later in life. However, even if players have already gone to college, they can still go back, upskill, and even change career paths.

In a statement, Marmalade Game Studio Co-CEO Michael Willis revealed that considering The Game of Life 2 has received overwhelming reception from fans worldwide, they were excited to finally bring the game to Xbox consoles. He added that they’ve always worked to bring people together via gaming experiences and this upcoming release is sure to help more families and friends connect through the game that they all love.

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