The Last Hero of Nostalgaia Officially Announced, Coming to Xbox and PC October 19

A new satirical Souls-like.
The Last Hero of Nostalgaia is coming to Xbox consoles and PC on October 19.
The Last Hero of Nostalgaia is coming to Xbox consoles and PC on October 19. Coatsink

Publisher Coatsink and developer Over the Moon announced an October 19 release date for The Last Hero of Nostalgaia, an action-adventure satirical Souls-like set to launch for Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. PC players also have the chance to check out the game early via a demo now up on Steam. To celebrate the release date announcement, Coatsink also unveiled a new launch date trailer for The Last Hero of Nostalgaia, which you can check out below.

The trailer celebrates the satirical humor of the upcoming title, even poking fun at calling itself “the Souls­-like nobody asked for.” It also showed various YouTube comments praising its take on the now-saturated genre, and the possible October release date. The latter was somewhat of a fulfilled prophecy from that one prophetic YouTube commenter, as The Last Hero of Nostagaia is indeed arriving next month on the 19th.

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia is set in a world that celebrates video game nostalgia, a rich and complex realm driven underneath by a dark story. Nostalgaia, the world of video games, is collapsing backward into a state of mysterious pixelation as every particle of fidelity bleeds away. As Oblivion terribly awaits the realm’s most cherished gaming memories, in comes a savior in the form of your character – though they are not as celebrated by the cynical and self-aware narrator, as it appears.

As the most hideous pixelated hero to ever spawn in the world of Nostalgaia, you are tasked with fighting through all of the mindless inhabitants in Souls-like combat while discovering secrets and tales at every corner. Filled with nostalgia and a very engaging narrative to boot, The Last Hero of Nostagaia is a unique entry to the genre that is sure to be appreciated by hardcore fans of Souls-like games.

As it’s Souls-like, it also comes with the hard but fair combat that the genre is known for, as well as various RPG mechanics that will make your playthrough a bit easier. You can also play with a pal via online co-op and brave through the story together.

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