DayZ: Update 1.19 Experimental Build Now Available on PC and Xbox

Update 1.19 Experimental Build
Update 1.19 Experimental Build Twitter/@DayZ

The first experimental build for Update 1.19 is now available on the PC and Xbox versions of DayZ. Aside from the new weapons, this patch is heavily focused on changing the player’s physical movements.

Those who try Update 1.19 out will find that the speed when running up or down steep terrain is now reduced. Furthermore, players can no longer sprint through water. Instead, they’re now forced to move at walking speed whenever they reach medium water levels.

Another useful feature added in the latest patch for DayZ is the on-screen bleed indicator. When enabled, players can see blotches of blood on the HUD, which gives them an idea of how severe their cuts are.

As mentioned earlier, new weapons have also been introduced, including the SSG 82 rifle and the BK-12 shotgun, along with its sawed-off variant.

Patch Notes

  • M1025 multipurpose vehicle
  • GPS Receiver
  • Water reflections (can be configured in the graphics settings)
  • Thrown items now have impact sounds
  • The portable map now provides more details depending on the navigation gear you are carrying (GPS, compass)
  • Reworked the simulation of vehicles, greatly impacting their general behavior
  • Tweaked vehicle simulation parameters on surfaces for vehicles
  • Increased the inertia of the character when accelerating
  • Character slows down more when running turns
  • 40mm smoke grenades now bounce off of wooden and metal surfaces and deal damage on impact
  • Reduced the amount of explosives needed to break open a locked door
  • Damaged fuel tanks can now be repaired using duct tape or epoxy putty
  • Vehicles are now ruined when their fuel tank is ruined
  • All optics can now be repaired using the electronics repair kit
  • Decreased the improvement of the immune system by high energy/hydration levels on average
  • Wolves and bears were able to hit players in vehicles
  • The improvised suppressor would not display the correct model when ruined and detached from the weapon
  • Public address system panels sometimes could not be started even when they had a battery in them
  • Display of other characters in prone did not include inclination and rolling
  • Reduced clipping of 40mm smoke grenades through geometry
  • Dead bodies on top of a bear trap would reduce its damage significantly
  • Torches and brooms could not be ignited indoors
  • Grenades attached to vests would not explode when the vest was destroyed in a fireplace
  • Switching tabs in the server browser too fast could prevent servers from loading
  • The kitchen timer was not always rendered inside the improvised explosive
  • It was possible to cover an improvised explosive with a garden plot
  • The claymore mine could not be disarmed in some cases
  • A ruined remote trigger attached to a tripwire would still trigger

So, what do you think of the first experimental build of Update 1.19 for DayZ?

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