Game Grumps Join House Party In Update 0.16.5

Look who's here.
Look who's here. Eek Games

Things just got hotter at the House Party as the Game Grumps are here. That’s right, both Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan are here and they’re bringing with them a brand new and original adventure. Still not enough? Well the characters appearing in the game are voiced by none other than the Grumps themselves.

You may be wondering who the Game Grumps are. It's a Let’s Play web series on YouTube hosted by, you guessed it, Arin and Dan. At its core, the show has the two hosts, sometimes joined by guest hosts, playing a video game and making commentary. It’s not all gaming as the hosts sometimes discuss unrelated topics and even share stories from their lives. The original was actually created by Arin and Jon Jafari back in 2012, though when the latter left to create his own web series, Dan stepped in to fill the void.

Going back to House Party, the arrival of the Game Grumps means a new storyline, one that’s dynamic while also offering new experiences. Even if you do finish their storyline, they’re going to have an extended cameo role. What this means is that every now and then they’re going to drop by and give the commentary that they are known for. Overall there’s going to be two major paths for you to take with them along with a mini one. Some caveat though, they’re not going to be involved that much when it comes to the game’s sexier parts. After all, they do have an image to protect.

In addition to the Game Grumps, here are some of the changes that you can expect with update 0.16.5:

  • Added to the game
    • Six new achievements
    • Hand “hot spots” and better aligned all sex animations
    • Starbomb model
    • Big balloon model
    • Sound effects to “finale” scene
  • Paired emotes system
  • Changes made to Inventory
    • Revamped player Inventory Menu
    • Revamped the Give To/Use Window
    • Inventory thumbnails added
      • Mostly for items that can be picked up in-game
    • Inventory can be sorted
      • Order picked up
      • Reverse order picked up
      • Alphabetically
  • Laugh emote now affects NPC mood

You can read the complete patch notes here.

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