Don't Forget The Snacks As House Party Prepares For A Summer 2020 Release

Almost out of early access.
Almost out of early access. Eek! Games

House Party revealed that it is in the process of reaching the final stages of development and expects to officially launch out of Steam Early Access towards the end of Summer 2020. However, in order to meet the final development costs, the price is going to receive a slight bump to $24.99 beginning on January 6.

If that price appears rather high, don't worry as the game is still part of the Steam Winter Sale for 25% off. That means you can buy the full House Party experience right now for $11.24.

So what does the game have to offer? Some of the features include:

  • Almost 3000 distinct voiced lines of dialogue
  • More than 50 interactive Items
  • Two Side Stories and one Training Story
  • Five new party songs and soundtrack control
  • Combat mechanics
  • Throwing mechanics (Beer pong!)
  • Background chatter mechanics
  • New intimacy positions

With House Party still in Early Access, there are still a lot of new features that could make their way to the game. For example, players can expect to finally have a female playable character in the coming months. There's also going to be intimacy animation improvements and even Vickie Vixen’s unforgettable finale.

Eek! Games CEO Bobby Ricci shared in a statement that after th Game Grumps were added to the game, there are still stories coming from Derek, Frank, and Vickie's final "ending." He went on to say in the statement that the development team will "be releasing a female POV playthrough style, that will offer up most of the same quests, but with various twists and extra content that can only be experienced this way." Ricci added that the game "has to climax at some point, and your support has made it possible for our game to have the biggest explosive finale."

Fans who want to get an early taste of what’s coming to House Party can support the game through Patreon. Patreon subscribers who pledge $15 a month or more get access to alpha updates along with providing the first look at new storylines. Subscribers can even try the new gameplay mechanics like player combat. According to Eek! Games, House Party currently holds player ratings as high as 95% after their most recent update.

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