Gal*Gun Returns Now on Nintendo Switch and PC

Take your best shot.
Take your best shot. Inti Creates

What do you know? Gal*Gun Returns is now available not only for PC but also for Nintendo Switch. This game is a remastered version and was initially released back in January but limited to Japan. What makes this latest release different is, it’s now in English.

Gal*Gun Returns also comes with a lot of new features and game modes. Players can expect as well a lot of pre-loaded DLCs. Prepare to meet more than 70 fully voice-acted and unique girls that initially come dressed in excellent costumes before they’re “dressed down” with that pheromone shot. If you’re looking for some lewd on-the-rails action, then this is the game for you.

Ready for Love?

The game takes place in a fictional school known as Sakurazaki Academy. Patako, an apprentice cupid angel, has been tasked to shoot someone with the pheromone arrow. She chose Tenzou Motesugi as her target but the problem is that she hit him with 16 arrows instead of just one.

This results in Tenzou attracting female students in the whole school with them desperately trying to confess their love to him. The effect may only last a day but if Tenzou can’t find a girlfriend before the day is done, he’s going to live a life of loneliness.

The game involves Tenzou choosing from four girls, and each not only has a different route but also offers a different ending.

Choose your Waifu

As mentioned, Tenzou has four choices as his potential waifu. There’s Kaname who’s his childhood best friend. She’s obsessed when it comes to ghosts and spirits but has a hard time when it comes to romance.

Kaoruko is a 3rd-year student and the only daughter of the head of a giant conglomerate. She’s usually kind but is not afraid to show her fury to those who manage to slight her even in some small way. However, she is popular with both males and females at the school.

Third on the list is Akira, a 2nd-year student like Tenzou. She’s not afraid to defend the weak against bullies. Despite her tough appearance, she’s actually a bit fragile on the inside. Finally, there’s the first-year student Aoi. She dreams of becoming a rock star and is never afraid to speak what’s on her mind. She may be interested when it comes to romance but she doesn’t have a clue what’s it about.

So what do you think? Excited about trying out this one? Go ahead and get the game here.

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