Funcom Gives Us a Quick Look at the Upcoming Dune: Awakening

The spice must flow.
The spice must flow. Funcom

Good news everyone! We finally get a quick peek at the upcoming open-world survival MMO Dune: Awakening, inspired by Frank Herbert's sci-fi masterpiece Dune along with the award-winning and blockbuster film from Denis Villeneuve Dune: Awakening. The game is being developed by Funcom and targeting not just on fans of Dune but also those who love survival games.

Before reading further, you can watch the pre-alpha teaser trailer below:

In the game, players are tasked with surviving the many dangers on Arrakis alongside thousands of other players. Everyone gets to explore their role and identity while experiencing a truly epic personal journey. Of course, in the heart of everything lies the spice. Wherever there’s spice, players will always converge. Fights can range from quick skirmishes to large-scale battles involving infantry, ground vehicles, and ornithopters.

In a statement, Funcom Chief Creative Officer and Dune: Awakening Creative Director Joel Bylos shared that being able to work with a universe as expansive and rich as Dune is a good fit for the studio, especially with its drive to develop compelling multiplayer open-worlds. He added that for this upcoming game, they’re hoping to push the boundaries of what players expect when it comes to survival.

Meanwhile, VP for Interactive Media at Legendary Entertainment Sam Rappaport revealed that they’re excited to bring the universe of Dune to life in an interactive and immersive way. He continued that they’re excited for fans of Dune and survival games to see if they can survive on Arrakis.

Features of the game include:

  • Your Dune — Your Journey
    • An Open-World Survival MMO
      • Rise from survival to dominance in a vast and seamless Arrakis shared by thousands of players.
    • Awaken The Sleeper
      • The journey starts on Arrakis with players being alone on the deadliest planet in the universe.
    • Choose Your Identity
      • Players can craft their identity and build their prowess.
  • A Vast, Deadly Arrakis
    • Explore Arrakis Like Never Before
      • The game brings the epic landscapes of Arrakis to vivid life.
    • An Ever-Changing World
      • Beyond The Shield Wall, massive Coriolis storms regularly alter the landscape and uncover new secrets, from valuable natural resources to crashed ships and ancient testing stations.
      • Once the dust settles, the race is on.
    • Survive the Deadliest Planet in the Universe
      • On Arrakis, water is life.
      • Find it and exercise water discipline by maintaining your stillsuit.
      • Choose where to craft and develop shelter to survive the sun and sandstorms.

Learn more about Dune: Awakening here. The game is coming to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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