Frozen Flame Update #1: Portal to Christmas

Frozen Flame Update №1
Frozen Flame Update №1 Steam

Frozen Flame received a major update focused on new additions and bug fixes. The two new additions are the Stone Stove and Emotion menu; more details can be found below.

Stone Stove

The developers have introduced a new stone stove, which not only acts as a decoration but can also be used to keep players warm and cook food. Unlike a bonfire, a stove can prepare two-ingredient recipes.

Emotion Menu

The latest update features the new Emotion menu to let players easily express their emotions in the game. Emotions can be selected from the menu directly without typing in the chat.

Frozen Flame Update #1

Other changes
  • Reworked fountain interactions (now it is easier to collect water).
  • Increased interaction time with the Titan’s destruction mechanism.
  • Nibblers' health and precision were increased.
  • Reduced skeletons’ spawn time.
  • Removed headshot defense from masks of several cursed.
  • Reduced critical damage of two-handed swords.
  • The maximum number of planks in the stack was increased, while their weight was reduced.
  • Now you can pack teleports and jumping pads.
  • Increased quantity of resources sold by Cu.
  • Balance improvements.
  • Localization improvements.
  • Chests now drop a fixed amount of coins.
  • Changed the placement of tablets for Cu’s quest.
  • Increased the number of several monsters in the Broken Valley.
  • New draw and hide animations for weapons.
  • New jump animations.
  • New knockdown animations.
  • Some fixes to bubble-hat animations.
  • Fixed protector mobs animations.
  • Now you can close the Book of Memories by pressing B.
  • Now you can close the building menu by pressing Esc.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed invisible barriers in Broken Valley that stopped arrows and fireballs.
  • Fixed an issue that created a second object in the archaeologist’s quest.
  • Fixed ability to teleport with over-encumbrance.
  • Fixed a bug that made the healing spell constant after leaving the game.
  • Fixed invulnerable monsters.
  • Fixed problems with interactions with musical gravestones.
  • Fixed an issue, when you could get stuck in Titan’s Head.
  • Fixed highlighting of several interactive objects.
  • Fixed cursed defender animations.
  • Fixed ghosts’ resistances.
  • Removed the inscription that told you to make a sacrifice near Titan’s chest.
  • Second “pack” button won’t appear on stations in the building mode.
  • The LevelUpFlameRate parameter works in local game.

You can read more about Frozen Flame Update #1 here.

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