Fortnite Update 1.39 Released To Fix Bugs Amidst Party & Login Issues

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  • Xbox One
  • Survival
If you loot effectively, you can build a base like this and attack your foes from afar.
If you loot effectively, you can build a base like this and attack your foes from afar. Epic Games

Fortnite update 2.3.2, version 1.39 on PS4, has just been released by the development team at Epic Games. According to its patch notes featured on the game’s official forums, here’s a list of every fix players can expect once the latest download has been installed.

  • Mac hitching/freezing
  • Unable to pick up weapons when inside the collision of a recently killed player
  • Building mode persisting if a player has it active in the lobby
  • Weapons stuck in reload animation
  • Removed MiniBoss marker from Rescue the Survivor mission in Stonewood

Unlike the version 2.3.0 update released on Thursday, this one did not require any server downtime to deploy. With 2.3.0, backend server issues took Fortnite offline for nearly an entire day. Bug fixes after any major update are always appreciated, though, and, as usual, Epic has been swift to remedy the most significant gameplay shortcomings.

That being said, since that extensive server downtime earlier this week, it’s been a bumpy ride for the Fortnite faithful. At the time of writing, Epic is currently investigating problems with the game’s party feature just after figuring out the root cause of some rather troubling login issues. Couple those roadblocks with the typical long queue times, and it’s easy to see why players are feeling a bit frustrated by this extremely popular, and fractured, multiplayer experience.

As opposed to last week’s major update that focused primarily on Battle Royale map changes, this one was somewhat evenly split across Battle Royale and Save The World. Battle Royale players got the new health-regen item called Chug Jug, while paid customers could mess around with the extra loot earned by fighting through Mutant Storms. Looking ahead to the future, next week’s patch is expected to bring the Cozy Campfire to Save The World alongside a few critical menu tweaks.

Bugs and bug-fix updates are part and parcel with early access games, and, unfortunately, Fortnite is not immune to the scourge. With an audience boasting 40 million active players, that traffic alone is undoubtedly difficult to manage. In fact, resources at Epic have grown so thin that the developer was forced to shut down production of the MOBA-centric Paragon just to cope with the constant influx of new players. While rough weeks like this probably won’t go away in the foreseeable future, we’d imagine a reduction in their frequence as more stability patches like this make their way online.

What are your thoughts on Fortnite’s performance after the 1.39 update? Have you dealt with login or party issues lately? Tell us in the comments section!

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