Fortnite Provides Update On Competitive Payment Process

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Fortnite provided an update with regards to their competitive payment process. According to the Fortnite Team, they admitted that they failed at ensuring the present process is not only easy to understand, but also simple to navigate.

Fortnite said that they intend to resolve this issue and promise to provide updates on future improvements made to the overall process. For now, the Team intends to focus on improving the competitive payment process, which includes:

  • providing players with status updates, via email, on a regular basis
  • creating a more intuitive landing page and payment flow that allows players to more easily track the status of their payments
  • enabling players to more easily make changes to their information

Specific details on the upcoming changes are:

  • We will now be sending regular email updates on payment status to players.
    • Please note that all communication and payment information will be processed via the email associated with your winning EpicID.
  • The tax information verification process and “Prize Acceptance and Release Form” segments will now be combined into the same location.
    • For minor players, their parent/guardian will also need to provide their email and phone number to accept the payment on behalf of the minor.
      • Note: The minor is still considered the prize recipient and will be issued a 1099-Misc or 1042-S, as applicable, by Epic.
    • Tax verification can take up to two weeks.
    • Once the tax information verification process has been completed, players will only need to agree to the consent form for future events.
  • Future improvements will enable players to more easily update their information without the need for assistance from Player Support. This includes updates to a player’s tax ID, tax country, address, and name.
  • On the payment portal, we will also be clearly displaying to players the events they’ve qualified for, the prize (pre-tax) that they’ve won, the amount taxed, the net payout they’ve received, and the status of their tax verification and payment.

In addition to improving the payment process, Fortnite is also coming out with a new payment flow.

For those who manage to complete their Tax Interview and consent form process and have it approved, they will receive an Account Activation email from HyperWallet. Once the email is accepted, players are prompted to follow the HyperWallet process for providing payment information. When the payment verification process is completed and approved, players are then able to track the status of their payment on HyperWallet.

The Fortnite team reminded players that if they continue to experience issues, rest assured that the team is being proactive in collecting any incorrect or incomplete information needed to process payments.

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