Fortnite Assures Players Cosmetic Issues Are Being Fixed

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Fortnite Epic Games

Fortnite revealed that developer Epic Games is still working on addressing known cosmetic issues they have found internally, as well as problems brought to their attention. The Fortnite team said that they have indeed noticed that a number of reported cosmetic bugs have manage to slip through the cracks. The team has been able to escalate and prioritize these issues so that a fix can be implemented.

Below are some of the issues that the team is focusing on:

  • Wilde Outfit
    • Backblings appear to be floating
    • Fixed in v9.30
  • Cloud Strike Glider
    • Appears blurry and compressed
    • Fixed in v9.30
  • Point it Out Emote
    • Strange animation while using the Ripe Rippers Pickaxe
    • An example can be viewed here.
  • Dire Outfit
    • Legs appear to stutter when using certain emotes
    • An example can be viewed here.
  • Clutch Outfit
    • Arms look bad when using the Drop the Bass emote
    • An example can be viewed here.
  • PS4 Issue
    • Can’t Emote in the Lobby
    • An workaround is avaialble here.
  • Wraps
    • The icon and Locker preview appear different.
    • Vision only and the Wrap is still displayed properly when applied in-game.
    • An example can be viewed here.
  • Shogun Outfit
    • Certain aspects of the Outfit appear warped.
    • An example can be viewed here.
  • Fortbytes
    • Can’t collect the Bunkey Jonesy or Rox Outfit Fortbytes in some situations.
    • An example can be viewed here.

The Fortnite team admitted that as the game continues to grow, they also continue to make improvements not only to the performance, but also the visual quality. The team said that generally what happens is that “you flip one switch and accidentally turn off another (not technical terms).”

The team revealed that it is currently working on ways to catch more if these bugs before they even make it out the door. Players are therefore encouraged to keep reporting these bugs to any of the game’s social channels.

Fortnite recently released patch v9.20, which brings with it a number of cosmetics changes. One of these included fixing an issue where cosmetics could occasionally block line of sight, preventing objects from being interacted with.

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