Fortnite Prop Hunt Brings Hide And Seek To A New Level

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Fortnite: Prop Hunt
Fortnite: Prop Hunt Epic Games

If Battle Royale is starting to get a bit stale for you then Fortnite has the answer to that. Introducing Prop Hunt, a game of hide and seek that comes with a twist.

Prop Hunt is a reimagined version of the classic community mod made by none other than the StrayKite dev team. The mod divides players into two groups, the Hiders and the Hunters. The goal of the Hunters is to find and eliminate all of the Hiders within a given time limit. The Hiders meanwhile are given a 30-second head start to evade the Hunters and survive until the time runs out.

Sounds no different than a classic game of hide and seek right? Well, the difference is that the Hiders can turn themselves into almost any prop, or decorative object, on the map. Talk about hiding in plain sight. That's not all. For Hiders who want to take that extra risk, they can try and collect coins scattered across the map and earn bonus points for the team.

To make the game fun for everyone, the teams are swapped at the end of the round. The team that has the most points after two rounds wins the game.

Those who want to try out Prop Hunt can go to StrayKite's new Featured Island with as much as 15 friends. The Creative Code is 6069-9263-9110,

For those who want to design their very own Prop Hunt game, they can use the new settings and devices added to Creative. Players can also try out the new Prop-O-Matic weapons with this mod. According to the Fortnite Team, they plan on adding more options for Prop Hunt in the future.

It's not just about Hide and Seek, as there is even more great content available for June. For example, there is Escape Sequence One, which from the title should give you an idea what to expect. In this case, you wake up in a well lit room with a bed and toilet. The goal is to escape not only the room, but the entire facility. The Creative code for this mod is 9763-1138-2333. Those who want to test their mental mettle can go for the Creator Quiz. This mod is mainly for those who create maps themseleves as it tests their knowledge with 20 questions focusing on Creative Mode. The Creator Quiz Code is 7034-0087-4569

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