Fortnite Creative: Update 19.40 Features the Guard Spawner and Supply Drop Spawner Devices

Fortnite Creative Update 19.40
Fortnite Creative Update 19.40 Twitter/@FNCreate

Update 19.40 for Fortnite Creative Mode is here, and it features two nifty devices that will help make the game more interesting. The first is a device that the community has been clamoring for - the Guard Spawner. The second is the Supply Drop Spawner which, as you can tell by the name, spawns a supply crate that drops from the sky.

Guard Spawner

The Guard Spawner is a device that allows you to create a group of enemies or “guards” on the island. You can spawn only 20 guards in total, so if you happen to have two Guard Spawners active, you can have them spawn 10 apiece.

Although guards have a detection system, you can use a Creeping Cardboard, for example, to keep yourself hidden. Keep in mind that you have to sit still, or they will spot and attack you if something’s amiss.

You can choose from eight different skins to customize their look. You can drop a compatible weapon or consumable to have the guards equip them as well.

Supply Drop Spawner

Supply Drop Spawner Device
Supply Drop Spawner Device Twitter/@FNCreate

The Supply Drop Spawner is a device that lets you call for supply crates. There are plenty of configuration options available to you. For instance, you can set it so that the crates contain specific weapons only. You can also add class and team restrictions if you want.

Other Notable Changes

The Campfire has received several new options - one of which is the ability to repel enemy fiends and animals when the fire is lit. Isn’t it great to have a safe haven against predators? Additionally, you can have the Campfire damage them if they come close.

The Item Granter - a device that can put specific items into your inventory automatically or when conditions are met - has been updated. The first is that you can now choose to spawn granted items at the player’s location, instead of having them go directly into their inventory. Furthermore, you can set it to not give an item to a player if their inventory is already full, rather than having the excess item drop at their current location.

If you want players to have that sort of mystical feel when playing your custom island, you can use the Radio device to play some fantasy background music.

Aside from that, Creative Mode now supports larger resource numbers in the user interface. The maximum resource cap has also been raised to 2.1 billion. However, this does not apply to building materials such as stone, wood, and metal.

You can read the full patch notes on Fortnite’s official website.

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