Fortnite Creative: Update v19.30 Brings the New Fire Volume Device

Fortnite Creative Update v19.30
Fortnite Creative Update v19.30 Twitter/@FNCreate

Update v19.30 for Fortnite Creative Mode is now available and it brings a way for you to contain the fire effects introduced in the previous patch. It also implements some adjustments to the Prop Manipulator and HUD controller.

Before anything though, the Creative playlist can now be found in the Discover menu in the “By Epic” row. You can learn more about this here.

New Device

The community has been clamoring for a feature to control the island flames. That is why the developers from Epic Games have added the Fire Volume Device. This gadget creates a special field that can override the island-wide fire settings that you’ve put in place. For instance, you can allow objects to ignite only in this localized area and nowhere else.

Device Updates

New features have been added to a few devices. The first is that the Prop Manipulator device can now turn any prop into a resource node. You can set this node to be any type of resource currently available in the game.

The second is the HUD controller that can now give you the ability to create different HUD setups for each individual team and class. Lastly, Teleporters can now be linked together, making two-way travel possible.


  • Class support has been added to the Beacon device
  • Added Old Cartoon filter to the My Island Camera Filter settings
  • Added the Resources Gallery. A variety of new STW (Save the World) props that work nicely with some of the Consumable Resources
  • Added some new basketball assets to the Sports Gallery
  • Added some New Consumables to coincide with the New Resources Gallery:
    • Rainbow Crystal
    • Honey
    • Vindertech Mechanical Parts
    • Blue Mushroom
    • Pink Mushroom
    • Red Mushroom
    • White Mushroom
    • Yellow Mushroom
    • Spectrolite Ore
    • Spectral Twine
Tracker Device
  • Previously, if you attempted to add multiplayer players to the tracker simultaneously, only one would get added. This has been fixed
  • Previously, if the tracker goal was reduced, non-instigator players would not be checked to see if they were at the new goal. This has been fixed
Conditional Button
  • Fixed an issue where the conditional button would not reset if its requirements were only partially completed
Barrier Device
  • Enabling the Barrier while standing inside will no longer push the player under the map
  • In some cases, creative islands could fail to load after entering the island rift in Creative HUB
  • Players wearing the bush disguise will take explosive damage
  • Fixed an issue where Item Granter and Switch Persistence options do not activate the "Clear All Player's Data" option when publishing
  • Updated some of the icons for Devices:
    • Customizable Lighting
    • DBNO Device
    • Elimination Manager
    • HUD Controller
    • Race Manager
    • Race Checkpoint
    • Save Point

The full patch notes can be found on the game’s official website.

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