Everything We Know About Fortnite Season 9 So Far

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With May about to end, it is interesting to see how the ninth Season went so far.
With May about to end, it is interesting to see how the ninth Season went so far. Epic Games

We’re almost four weeks into the 9th Season of Fortnite, as May is about to end. June is going to bowl players over with some interesting releases from the game’s developer.

For this week’s Battle Royale challenges, there have been dancing, damage-dealing, tricky elimination, and some named location challenges. Let’s take a look at the Free Pass challenges:

  • Deal damage with Sniper Rifles to opponents (500) 5 Battle Stars
  • Staged Challenge: Dance inside a …
  • Stage 1: Dance inside a holographic Tomato head (1) 1 Battle Star
  • Stage 2: Dance inside a holographic Durrr Burger head (1) 2 Battle Stars
  • Stage 3: Dance on top of a giant Dumpling head (1) 2 Battle Stars
  • Legendary weapon eliminations (3) 10 Battle Stars

Then we have the Battle Pass challenges:

  • Destroy a Loot Carrier in different matches (3) 5 Battle Stars
  • Staged Challenge: Land at.. 1 Battle Star each
  • Land at Polar Peak (1)
  • Land at Lazy Lagoon (1)
  • Land at Salty Springs (1)
  • Land at The Block (1)
  • Land at Lonely Lodge (1)
  • Eliminate opponents in Haunted Hills or Dusty Divot (3) 10 Battle Stars
  • Visit different Named Locations in a single match (5) 10 Battle Stars

These challenges, however, may not be that tricky in Fortnite. The most interesting one is definitely visiting the five Named Locations, which is something you must do in a single match. They can be a bit tricky, but as long as you stay focused, they can be easily completed.

If you are looking for a good path to take, try to start with the Mega Mall > Loot Lake > Neo Tilted > Shifty Shafts > Fatal Field. Basically, each of them is just along the main Slipstream. Of course, it still depends on where you drop, but most of these other location chains should do the job for you.

Loot Carriers are the newest addition to Fortnite. Your best course of action is to find these and head straight to a new hot zone — the yellow-lettered Named Locations. The latter is the one that recently popped up on the map and it is where you can find better loot. Oh, do not forget about those drones – they can be seen buzzing around you. If you see them, just shoot them down and get some nice gear.

If you are successful in completing all these challenges, you will be rewarded with a hidden loading screen.

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