FOREWARNED: Update v.26 Allows Map Selection, Implements Network and Lighting Improvements

Update v.26
Update v.26 Twitter/@FOREWARNEDGame

The co-op survival horror game FOREWARNED has a new update that brings a lot of new features and improvements.

Update v.26 now allows players to select their desired map for the team’s expedition; this can be found as a new room option in the lobby. While players can select specific maps in this patch, they also have the option to randomize the map selection if they desire.

Anyway, there was a problem in FOREWARNED where players experienced client timeouts and other server-related issues when playing. As a result, the developers implemented new functionality that helps address this. Those briefly disconnected from the network can now safely reconnect to the game. This allows them to continue with their expeditions instead of being sent back to the lobby whenever they experience any network issues.

Aside from that, some changes to in-game lighting are implemented. For instance, the hard hat now has an increased light range per upgrade level.

Update v.26 offers a lot of improvements and bug fixes; some of them can be found below:

  • Performed thorough optimizations to the way player and Mejai animation data is sent over the network
  • Added an indicator to inform the player they have disconnected and that the game is attempting to reconnect.
  • Added an indicator next to the player’s name in the lobby to signify who is the host.
  • Added an indicator to inform a player when they have become the lobby host, such as in the case of the original host leaving the game.
  • Improved the settings UI button in the room view to a more HD icon, as well as several other general UI improvements throughout the lobby menu.
  • The flashlight will no longer remain on when placed away in the inventory belt, but will automatically turn back on when re-equipped (if it was on, to begin with).
  • The flashlight tool's light intensity and range have both increased per upgrade level.
  • The torch tool's natural flame expiration will last slightly longer per upgrade level.
  • Fixed an issue related to Dekan where players could be incorrectly flagged as making noise when using global chat or push-to-talk, even when not speaking.
  • Fixed an issue in which Dekan's target "victim" would occasionally not clear out as a target after being killed, causing subsequent aggressions to re-target the same player regardless of who actually made noise to trigger his attack.
  • Fixed an issue where players respawning from the Blessing of Osiris could be immediately heard by Dekan if he is nearby, causing him to instantly charge at the respawned player

FOREWARNED Update v.26 is available on PC.

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