FOREWARNED: New Game Mechanics Introduced in Eternal Banishment Update


FOREWARNED is a co-op survival horror game where up to four players delve deep into ancient Egyptian ruins to search and retrieve relics. These relics are used to lure and trap the Mejai - powerful warriors cursed to have a long life for the purpose of protecting the Pharaoh.

Recently, the developers launched the Eternal Banishment Update, which added new gameplay mechanics to FOREWARNED. Before anything else, there’s something that players have to know.

In this game , players can either choose to actively explore the ruins or stay behind in the excavation tent and provide intel to their party members. That said, the devs want to reward players who are doing more in this game, and that’s their rationale for adding the new mechanic called the Banishment Ritual.

Simply put, players can now choose to descend into the lower depths of the ruins to find a ritual chamber after activating the blue escape lever. Those who wish to proceed will be granted significantly increased rewards, but beware because the challenges will be harder as well.

Another new mechanic added by the Eternal Banishment Update is the Blessing of Osiris. Players who have fallen during their exploration can now come back to life. However, this mechanic can only be triggered once per round.

In line with the dev team’s goal, players who do not enable the Blessing of Osiris will be granted bonus gold and experience depending on the difficulty level.


  • 25 new rooms, including 5 new dangerous trap rooms
  • New tomb door style and lighting within the ruins
  • New ambiance and sound effects
  • New enemy type lurking throughout
  • New objectives unique to the ruins
  • Divining Rod
    • When activated, this powerful tool will serve as your guide while traversing the ruins, briefly rotating towards the nearest collectible treasure such as gold, lore pages, and rare artifacts
  • Medkit
    • A new default item, the medkit, can be used once per round to restore health. The kit can be used either on oneself or on a teammate in close proximity. It can be upgraded up to level V to restore higher amounts of health per level
  • The gold collection objective is no longer pile-based. Instead, players will now be tasked with collecting a certain number of pieces throughout the ruins. The minimum amount required to collect will scale with difficulty
  • The previous concept of “objective” gold piles vs. “non-objective” gold piles is no longer applicable as all gold found within the ruins will count towards the objective

The full patch notes for the Eternal Banishment Update are available on Steam.

FOREWARNED is available on PC.

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