Financial Districts DLC for Cities: Skylines Now Available

Time to bring on the greens.
Time to bring on the greens. Paradox Interactive

The new investment-focused expansion for Cities: Skylines has finally arrived. The Financial Districts DLC is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, at a retail price of $7.99.

This new DLC introduces players to an investment feature, along with more than 100 assets, letting players boost the economy of their cities through new buildings, services, and even specialization. Players, for example, can invest in industries like healthcare, mining, and agriculture to meet their citizens’ needs.

Features of Financial Districts include:

  • Stock exchange
    • Level up investment funds with the stock exchange.
    • This new building also unlocks the tax income bonus for office zone buildings in its area.
  • Bank buildings
    • It’s all about the money, and banks add a new service to the city.
    • Improve the safety of banks.
    • This is possible due to transport vans that collect cash from commercial zone buildings, and at the same time, lower the criminality rate in the area.
  • Financial District Specialization
    • Unlock a new district for office zones when players reach the “Big Town” milestone.
    • Financial Districts feature a new visual style and generate higher taxes than basic office zones but decrease happiness.
    • The tax income bonus increases if a stock exchange is nearby.

New Visual Options

While it's clear that the new DLC offers new gameplay features, it also comes with new technical offerings. There are the new visual options with six new Color Corrections in the Options under Graphics. With this, they can tweak the brightness and colors of the game. For example, players can give a colder look to their temperate city or give that tropical city more vibrant blues and greens.

You can read more about it here.

Map Pack 2

This new DLC arrives with the Map Pack 2 content creator pack which adds 10 maps and invites players to explore different biomes like Boreal, Desert, Tropical, and Temperate.

Another new is the African Vibes radio pack that introduces the African Vibes Radio Station and 16 tracks that’s sure to inspire the community of city planners.

Are you ready to build your very own Financial District?

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