The Finals Patch 0.3: Movements Changes, Scoreboard Update, UI Tweaks, and More

The Finals
The Finals Steam/Embark Studios

Some lucky players are enjoying a new first-person shooter game, The Finals. It is currently in closed beta and only a selected number of players can download it. Those players should also be able to download a new update released earlier today.

The patch is focused on bug squashing and updates, however, several balancing changes were made as well. You can read about the latter in our previous article. Here, we covered some of the fixes and improvements.

Squad names have been added and local players are now highlighted. Improvements to jump, fall, and landing animations are made, and the eliminated icon will now be displayed to indicate when a player is eliminated. Check out more details below.

Cashout Mode
  • Added a visual effect for coins being lost from Cash Boxes as their value reduces over time in the last 2 minutes of the round
  • Updated HUD widgets to show accurate value of Cash Boxes during the last two minutes of the round
  • Fixed an issue where players could get “ice-skating” movement as a result of bad goo spawns
  • Made improvements to jump, fall, and landing animations
  • Made improvements to Medium body type vault and ledge grab animations
  • Fixed an issue where pants would clip with the Cowboy Boots
  • Fixed an issue where multiple slots in the Loadout could have the same item
  • Fixed “new offers” timer so it updates in real-time in the store
  • Added an active state to buttons on the contracts and settings screens
  • Fixed an issue where the spectated player’s Loadouts didn’t show correctly
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t shoot through fences or railings
  • Updated the trajectories of some pre-placed jump-pads in Seoul
  • Updated hit sound with more coins to help it penetrate the audio mix more gracefully
  • Lowered hit sound to reasonable loudness level to avoid it sticking out too much at lower game audio volume levels
  • Slightly increased hit sound ducking to carve more space for it in the mix
  • Fixed an issue preventing the binding of mouse buttons such as Mouse 4 & 5
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the unbinding of duplicate buttons
Graphics Settings
  • Made various changes to improve the visual quality of Low and Medium graphics settings
  • Fixed an issue where props and objectives would float in the air after destruction

Read the complete patch notes of The Finals Patch 0.3 here.

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