Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Gets PS4, XBox One Rating

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final fantasy 15 comrades multiplayer dlc
A player avatar in Comrades, the upcoming multiplayer DLC for Final Fantasy 15. (c) Square Enix

The ESRB has rated a little something called Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (It’s rated T for Teen due to “language, mild blood, partial nudity [and] violence,” in case you were wondering).

The description of the rating explains some of the content descriptors further, but the Royal Edition is likely to be a “Complete Edition” that contains both the base Final Fantasy XV game as well as all of the DLC released up until now.

The full description has the following content warnings:

  • “Players move around battlefields and city environments, perform various quests, and battle an assortment of human and fantastical enemies (e.g., demons, titans)”

  • “Characters use swords, guns (e.g., pistols, machine guns, rocket launchers, sniper rifles), and magic attacks (e.g., exploding fireballs, blasts of ice) to defeat soldiers, monsters, and oversized animals in frenetic combat.”

  • “Fights are highlighted by cries of pain, dramatic light effects, explosions, and realistic gunfire”

  • “A handful of cutscenes depict characters impaled on swords; one cutscene involves a woman being stabbed off-screen; another scene depicts a character with a bloodstained wound”

  • “During the course of the game, some female characters are depicted topless, with breasts that lack discernible details (i.e., no nipples)”

  • “The word “sh*t” appears in the dialogue.”

As far as the content that is likely to appear in the Royal Edition, there’s plenty:

  • Episode Ignis Review: Final Fantasy XV's Best DLC Yet: “With fast-paced action, a gripping story, and some truly startling revelations that reshape perceptions of the overall story, Episode Ignis is a must-play for FFXV fans, and the most enjoyable new content to come to the game since its debut back in November 2016.”

  • Final Fantasy XV September Update Adds Astral War Lore To Chapter 12: “Fans will finally learn more about a major world event often referenced in-game but never fully explained – the War of the Astrals or the Astral War.”

  • 'Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus' Review: Greatswords Aren't All That Great: “Gilgamesh is the main boss. You play as Gladio. You’re in a cave. Cor's there too.”

  • Episode Prompto Confirms He's More Of A Bad-Ass Than Gladio: “It’s the first Final Fantasy 15 DLC to ground us in a strong sense of character, it brings us another fan-favorite cast member as a party member, and the uncanny power of Prompto’s solo mechanics give us a whole new understanding of Noctis’ best pal.”

  • Final Fantasy XV Update 1.12: How To Drive Type-D Regalia Off-Road: “Gone are the days of being confined to the road like any normal driver. Now you can take your dad’s car and bust it through the mud and swamps, mowing over any little buggers who get in your way.”

  • 'Final Fantasy 15' Moogle Chocobo Carnival Trailer: “The new footage shows more of the Venice-inspired city of Altissia in its festive finery, finds Noctis ordering a cheesecake from Final Fantasy series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and reveals several entirely new mini-games.”

  • 'Final Fantasy 15' Chapter 13 Update Release Date Confirmed: “Chief among… complaints is a general feeling of dissatisfaction with Chapter 13. To rectify that, director Hajime Tabata and his team will be releasing a Chapter 13 update that makes major changes to the chapter’s story and gameplay.”

  • Final Fantasy XV Announces Assassin’s Creed Festival: “The event takes place in the town of Lestallum, which will be decorated with Assassins banners, symbols and feature new activities exclusive to the festival.”

  • Final Fantasy 15 Comrades DLC: “Final Fantasy 15 Comrades DLC expands the world of Eos by introducing co-op multiplayer. Players can create up to eight of their own customizable avatars and take on quests with up to three other players.”

  • 'Final Fantasy 15' Holiday Pack DLC Out Now: “Two versions of the Final Fantasy 15 holiday pack are available.

With development on Final Fantasy XV continuing into 2018, it remains to be seen whether or not a “Super-Duper Royal Edition” will launch in 2019 to combine all of 2017 and 2018’s content together with the base game.

Will you pick up a Final Fantasy XV Complete Edition? Or would you rather wait until the 2018 DLC phase is over as well? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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