Final Fantasy XV September Update Adds Astral War Lore To Chapter 12

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Ifrit in the new Final Fantasy 15 Chapter 12 lore update.
Ifrit in the new Final Fantasy 15 Chapter 12 lore update. (c) Square Enix

In Final Fantasy XV ’s September update, fans will finally learn more about a major world event often referenced in-game but never fully explained – the War of the Astrals or the Astral War. A lot of Lucis’ landscape still bears the scars of that event and there was even a sidequest called “Aftermath of the Astral War” that sent players to take pics of Taelpar Crag. Still, that was but one of only a handful of references aside from stuff deep in optional post-game dungeons.

Via the new Final Fantasy XV update, a new story event can be found in Chapter 12 in the main campaign that will explain what led up to the Astral War. If you’ve beaten the story, just head back to the chapter to watch the new footage. But if you haven’t, you’ll probably need to complete the story first. If you don’t want to wait, just check out the footage below. Spoilers ahoy:

The new lore explains the six Astrals have “safeguarded the stars since time immemorial,” their personalities distinct, but their purpose united. Gentiana explains that Shiva, “The Frostbearer,” once disdained the hopeful visions of fragile humanity, while Ifrit, “The Pyreburner,” admired their strength of will and gave them fire in exchange for their worship. Shiva’s heart was warmed by Ifrit’s kindness, causing mortals to earn her respect and Ifrit to earn her love.

But in a tale as old as time, the people spurned the gods, which pissed Ifrit off in particular. The Six, who are sworn to defend the Star and its inhabitants from external harm and from each other, fought to keep Ifrit from burninating the countryside. The world is in ruins once their civil war is done. Exhausted, the Six go to sleep. The whole story is entrusted to the King of Kings, Noctis and his line, “that he might see it to its conclusion,” whatever that’s supposed to be.

During the game’s timeline, while the Six were asleep, Ifrit was sought by none other than ya boy, Ardyn, “who draws him away from the Light.” Shiva sensed Ifrit’s danger and ran to his aid, but was killed by Niflheim’s forces, who are now sworn to the darkness which swallowed the Six and their Star. The Starscourge, whatever it really is, is no longer part of the gods, but part of the Chosen, aka the King of Kings, aka Baby Boy Noct, so that’s not chilling at all! Finally, Gentiana-as-Shiva personally asks Noctis to save the world and free Ifrit, a request to which Noctis can do nothing but accede.

As for Lunafreya, Shiva as Gentiana shares some deets about her as well. Luna has been ordained since childhood to work with Noctis and is determined to keep that promise. The High Messenger, which I assume is Gentiana talking about herself in third person, is moved by her determination. Luna recalls her brother comes after her in a rage over throwing her life away to save Noctis, but Luna chooses to do it anyway and sobs over missing Noctis. She cries alone over her lost future until Gentiana wipes away her tears and promises that she will pass along Luna’s feelings to Noctis no matter what, so that Noctis has both the gods’ favor and Luna’s love.

We see hazy, golden flashbacks of the two as children, then hear Luna’s voice bidding Noctis farewell. Now, it’s Noctis’ turn for boo-hoos as he cries alone on the frozen train over Lunafreya, knowing he’ll never have the chance to speak to her again in this life. He is met with a vision of her as blue petals rain down. It’s kind of incredible how much more the narrative builds this romance up after one of the principals literally dies. A romance that blossoms after death is a new take, but I’m not sure I’m mad at it.

Anyway, Noctis wipes away his tears and stands up manfully. He receives the Trident of the Oracle and the Mark of the Glacian.

In addition to the new lore, the Final Fantasy XV September update also includes smaller bug fixes that don’t involve people crying and gods clashing. Round 2 of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival is over with no word on when it may return. A few bugs have been fixed in the Assassin’s Festival event, which runs until Jan. 31 of next year. There’s also two new fish for all you pescatarian fiends out there to find.

How are you feeling about the new lore? Still have questions? Do you wish this had been in the vanilla game like I do? Final Fantasy XV heads to PC next year, and may even be heading to the Nintendo Switch. Feel free to talk more about the future and lore of Final Fantasy XV in our comments section below.

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