Final Fantasy XIV: Land Purchases Under Lottery System Beginning Patch 6.1

A new system.
A new system. Square Enix

One of the features that made Final Fantasy XIV a cut above the rest is its housing system. Basically, it allowed players to get a private estate and build a hall on it. For buying land, players had the option to do it by lottery or on a first-come, first-served basis. However, that's going to change when Patch 6.1 goes live.

The development team revealed that when the new patch is released, "all land available for purchase will be subject to the lottery system." This should be good news and looks to be a fairer system.

To buy land through the lottery system, players need to submit a lottery entry for their desired plot during a predetermined period of time. One winning entry is then randomly chosen from the pool of applicants, and the player who submitted that entry gets the ability to finalize their purchase of the plot.

The lottery system operates on a nine-day cycle (Earth time) and is divided into two periods:

  • Entry period
    • The entry period lasts 5 days (Earth time), during which players may submit their lottery entries.
  • Results period
    • The results period lasts 4 days (Earth time), during which players may confirm lottery results and finalize land purchases.

It’s important to remember that the lottery winner needs to finalize their purchase within the results period. If they fail to do so, the claim to the plot is forfeited.

Entry Requirements

To join the lottery, characters must meet these requirements:

  • Entering as a Private Buyer
    • At least one class at level 50.
    • Hold the rank of second lieutenant or above in one of the Grand Companies.
  • Entering as a Free Company Representative
    • Free company must be rank 6 or above.
    • Free company must have four or more members.
    • Character must be authorized by the free company to purchase and relinquish land.
    • Character must have been a member of the free company for 30 days or longer.

By the way, only one lottery entry can be submitted per lottery period.

Learn more about this big change here. What do you think? Is there a better system?

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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