Final Fantasy XIV Online Launching Two Events Before Patch 6.1

Two events.
Two events. Square Enix

A new update is set to be released in Final Fantasy XIV Online in mid-April. While waiting, there are two new events that players can enjoy.

The first is Little Ladies' Day which starts March 14 and ends March 31. Marabel is looking for an experienced adventurer who is at least Level 15 to help her in this year's Little Ladies' Day walk-off. Those who complete this event get rewarded with armor.

Moogle Treasure Trove

The second event is the Moogle Treasure Trove. It starts March 14 and ends when Patch 6.1 is released. The story goes that demand from collectors and historians has led to a surge of adventurers looking for tomestones. These are mysterious relics of the Allagan Empire created to record and keep secrets. A small number of the artifacts, especially those with some knowledge contained within, have caught the interest of the itinerant moogles. They offer rare goods in exchange for these "irregular" tomestones.

For the duration of the event, there will be duties associated, and each features a moogle icon in the Duty Finder. Irregular tomestones are awarded upon completion of specific duties.

Here are some of the objectives and their rewards:

  • Reward: Ten Irregular Tomestones of Scripture
    • The Praetorium (Lv. 50 Dungeons)
  • Reward: Seven Irregular Tomestones of Scripture
    • Dun Scaith (Lv. 60 Raids)
    • Castrum Meridianum (Lv. 50 Dungeons)
  • ​Reward: Five Irregular Tomestones of Scripture
    • The Weeping City of Mhach (Lv. 60 Raids)
  • ​Reward: Three or Seven Irregular Tomestones of Scripture
    • The Borderlands (Secure)
      • Level 30 PvP
    • Seal Rock (Seize)
      • Level 30 PvP
    • The Fields of Glory (Shatter)
      • Level 30 PvP
    • Onsal Hakair (Danshig Naadam)
      • Level 30 PvP
    • Hidden Gorge
      • Level 30 PvP
  • Reward: Four Irregular Tomestones of Scripture
    • Copperbell Mines (Hard)
      • Lv. 50 Dungeons
    • Pharos Sirius
      • Lv. 50 Dungeons
    • The Keeper of the Lake
      • Lv. 50 Dungeons
    • The Aurum Vale
      • Lv. 47 Dungeons
  • Reward: Three Irregular Tomestones of Scripture
    • The Void Ark
      • Lv. 60 Raids
    • Dzemael Darkhold
      • Lv. 44 Dungeons
  • ​Reward: Two Irregular Tomestones of Scripture
    • The Wreath of Snakes
      • Lv. 70 Trials
    • Hells' Kier
      • Lv. 70 Trials
    • The Jade Stoa
      • Lv. 70 Trials

Check out the items that can be exchanged for the Irregular Tomestones here. You can also read what's being planned for 6.1 here.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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